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Caleb Caleb Sawtell

GTK2 Themes by envyouraudience 11 comments

Nice but its really too dark for everyday use for me - Apr 22 2008

Wallpaper Other by missile07 2 comments

please tell me the motivation behind that shocking motion blur? - Sep 12 2007
Dog Between Watermelons

Wallpaper Other by dragobeso 2 comments

Have you got a higher res version of this? - Aug 30 2007

Wallpapers Gnome by ky7en 2 comments

Move the gnome logo into the bottem left hand side corner and it will look alot better imho - May 28 2007
Glory: Evolution

Gnome Screenshots by darkmatter 4 comments

Looking good can't wait till you get that finished is it an engine or just a theme? - May 16 2007

Wallpaper Other by Jerzabek 2 comments

Hey looks cute but it is far too low res
you would not happen to have a higher res version maby even a 16:10 version? - Feb 06 2007

Wallpaper Other by aktarus 6 comments

What annoys me more is the influx if wallpapers that are images taken from the internet chucking the ubuntu logo on it and say its a new background - Feb 04 2007
Wide Lake

Nature by xactive 2 comments

Nice photo well done - Jan 17 2007

Cliparts by paulslittlebit 5 comments

Looks like it needs a few more frames to me
maby for your next animation :) - Nov 26 2006

Beryl/Emerald Themes by gaminggeek 3 comments

Please comment I would realy like some feedback - Nov 18 2006
Couple CDs @ Sunset

Wallpaper Other by camilaacolide 1 comment

you should not leave your cd's in the sun :P

nice photo BTW - Feb 14 2005

Wallpaper Other by hogemann 2 comments

can you make a gentoo one too?
ory maby a generic one woth just black int the backgroun and no debian logo.. - Feb 10 2005

GTK2 Themes by mpetzoldt 15 comments

I realy love this Theme, but I do not like the yellow highlight on the selected tabs/buttons. - Feb 09 2005
Hawaiian Sunset

Wallpaper Other by monkeymagic 4 comments

could you please gimp out the boats? - Sep 28 2004
logout select menu

Various Stuff by seifer 3 comments

what is wroung with the dragon? - Sep 25 2004
City Scene Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by sbrown1038 4 comments

huh? - Aug 09 2004
Gentoo G 1600x1200

Wallpaper Other by elektrohirn 3 comments

What Icon set do you use? - Jan 26 2004
Prometeus 7

KDE Plasma Screenshots by promete7 2 comments

err sorry I thought I was look at backgrounds :/ - Jan 13 2004
Prometeus 7

KDE Plasma Screenshots by promete7 2 comments

the sameri has white spots around him :/

fix that and maby put a green tnint on him and it will look cool :) - Jan 13 2004
Rainy Day

Wallpaper Other by gaminggeek 4 comments

Thanks but what is cowbell? - Jan 13 2004
Rainy Day

Wallpaper Other by gaminggeek 4 comments

your welcome :) - Jan 13 2004
.::E::. SuSE Aki

Wallpaper Other by edvaldig02 14 comments

created a gentoo one for anyone that is interested all that i need it to know what font he used :/ - Jan 12 2004