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Antoine Gaillard Reims, France
Amarok 2.x Scripts

Amarok 2.x Scripts 11 comments

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Oct 08 2009
I know what you mean but unfortunately when you use the Discogs API to retrieve results as XML the sorting is not the same as the website's one.
As for the idea of getting all the information you're talking about in the result page, it would end up slowing down the script a lot because it would be necessary to download XML info for each entry but I'll take a closer look at what can be done as soon as I have some time to spend on this. - Aug 31 2009
I'll release it as soon as I have feedback enough to improve it consistently. What do you mean by the tracklist not shown correctly? Could you show a screen capture? - May 16 2009
no it's not possible yet but i'll enable this feature in the next version. If you have other suggestions make me know... - May 10 2009
Yahoo Lyrics

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Dec 09 2008
I was fed up with poor results of yahoo search so I started to write a similar script using Google results you can try it. It works a little bit differently since it takes you directly to the "suggest" page of lyrics filled by google results then you just have to pick one and it will be displayed.

Here is the link : - Dec 14 2008