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by ulam
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May 04 2008
I found out that qstars (and thus qcosmos) can be easily customized: just drop any planet texture in the planet folder, and the screen saver will draw it. In addition, the size of the planets appearing on the screensaver depends on the size of the textures. Taking advantage of this, I heavily modified it and now I have about 60 planet and star textures of various sizes.

So, by the way, why don't you try to improve qcosmos since you went through the trouble to make it for qt4? I could post you my textures, but I don't know/remember all the sources and some might be copyrighted. However, here's a good place to start:
It includes links of it's sources. Also don't forget to use Celestial textures.

It would also be nice if you could program some other improvements, like drawing shadows on the planets or changing the camera angle. It's truly a very nice screensaver, but it can become even better.

Just a few ideas.
- Jun 22 2008
Now that I looked a little more into this... it seems that qcosmos looks suspiciously like the much older qstar screensaver, also available here (which I managed to install, since I found an rpm package for it). If your work is based on this, which looks certain, you should mention it. In addition, people would like to know what you've modified. - Jun 21 2008
...I was looking for a screensaver like this. Unfortunately it seems that my terminal doesn't recognise the qmake command, even though I have qt4 installed. Anyway, I'll be patient until you make an rpm package. - Jun 21 2008