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ECSTATiCA (formerly NOX)

GTK2 Themes by estrayk 38 comments

There is an inconsistency between the notify popups for Sonata and cgmail. These are two distinct types of notifications: the first one just shows a transient notification (status information), while the second shows notifications that have a visible countdown before they disappear (message information).

Here's a screenshot comparing the two types. They both occur when I am using this theme.

The black text on yellow background clashes with the rest of the theme and I doubt it was intentional.

The white text on light grey background is unreadable on some screens.

Ideally the colours would be black text on a light grey background.

Thanks. - Aug 07 2009
Ubuntu 3D Wallpaper

Wallpapers Ubuntu by petitwilly 8 comments

I'm not really using Ubuntu anymore, but I love the soft colours and the spacious feel of these images. :) The details on the second render are awesome! It all feels very clean.

I wish there were something similar for other distros, or maybe something distro-agnostic... - Apr 21 2008
Future Debian

Wallpapers Debian by danieljucan 14 comments

I neither use nor like Debian, but I still greatly enjoy the look of this wallpaper. :) - Apr 21 2008
Mm, it *is* cute. But, I think the problem I have with this Tux, and the "pointy cross-eyed" Tux, is that they just look... not really "smart" enough.

The official Tux himself doesn't look like a razor-wit, either, but he looks a bit more "for serious", for lack of a better term. Then again, there are limits to how serious you can be with a cartoon. :P

Personally I'd be in favour of a more devious, clever penguin, like the one from that Wallace & Gromit movie... but that's just me. - Apr 18 2008
Black & Copper Battery

Icon Sub-Sets by twrock 11 comments

Hehe, it's kind of funny to see these batteries... I remember when they first started making those "press with your fingers to make the chemical strip turn yellow!" batteries. It was such a big deal... xD

Anyway, as DanRabbit already pointed out, the top and bottom of the battery don't agree on the shape of the 3D object.

As for what sticks out for me the most: I use a dark theme (with black windows and all), and without a light border, the black part of the battery would get lost in the background.

On the other hand, I'm not sure you want to be like Tango, with a light *and* dark border on *everything* (for the exact reason that they want to make their icons work on dark and light backgrounds; that's their goal, and you might not share it, at least on this work).

Hmm... but a 1px border is boring, and for a "realistic" style like this, probably inappropriate. Maybe a #808080 aura, which would show up as a "glow" on dark backgrounds, but as a "shadow" on light ones? Just a suggestion. Maybe I am focusing too much on practicality, when this is a concept work. ;) - Apr 18 2008
Divinorum Green & Cyan

GTK2 Themes by fyda 6 comments

Thank you! Good to know I'm not the only one who likes it. :) - Apr 18 2008

Icon Sub-Sets by alikusnadi 9 comments

It took me a few tries with `wget -c` to finish downloading this theme, but it was worth it. I needed device icons that would be clearer at 24x24, and the ones in this theme really did the trick!

Besides that, I like the look of the monitor icons (eg. for terminal, networking, system...): black and shiny, without colour accents that would make them clash with certain themes.

I'm not a big fan of the orange folders (I prefer black or white ones, also for ease of theme colour coordination), but that's just personal taste. ;)

Anyway, it'd be great if this could get better file hosting, as I think merely the difficulty of downloading it is keeping a lot of people from successfully installing and trying it...

Thanks for the theme! - Apr 18 2008
Divinorum Green & Cyan

GTK2 Themes by fyda 6 comments

Believe it or not, that's the default top banner image from a WordPress theme. I just stretched it (a LOT) to fit across 3x2 viewports...

"Expo" (with Curve mode) in Compiz Fusion:

I don't think it would be appropriate (or even legal) for me to redistribute my distorted version of that image. But the source image is always available for downloading and private modifying.

So, the WP theme is here:

And the relevant images are inside the archive, under "/images". Yes, they really are tiny, and yes, they do get stretched a lot. >.> - Apr 17 2008

Metacity Themes by sidman 18 comments

Hello again. :D

After months of using the CM-coloured version, I finally switched over to GC... and had to edit the GTK theme to match again.

Credits for the original Divinorum should always go to wulax, not me. :P

As always, thanks for the inspiring Metacity theme! - Apr 17 2008

Skydomes by Matiee 23 comments

Thanks for your magnificent work! I'm actually using Wall instead of Cube (since several months ago), but these amazing skydomes are tempting me to switch back... :) - Feb 17 2008
Faber Cursors

Cursors by McFraggle 29 comments

Soft and gentle shapes. I like it. :) - Feb 09 2008

GTK2 Themes by wulax 79 comments

Er, and by the way, that's the same colour used for the "unreadable" text in CCSM and some other apps. ;) No idea why it's a "bg" colour... - Jan 11 2008

GTK2 Themes by wulax 79 comments

Actually, in my mod of this theme (Divinorum Cyan & Magenta), I fixed that by changing the following value in the gtkrc file:

style "default" {
bg[SELECTED] = "#3a3a3a" # changed from orig. Divinorum; fg color for GNOME vol control OSD's meter

Would be nice to see it "upstream" here as well. :) - Jan 11 2008
Divinorum Cyan & Magenta

GTK2 Themes by fyda 10 comments

Thanks for your kind words. :)

I'm still tweaking something tentatively called "Divinorum-Fire" (it's not as exciting as it might sound; the colours still don't look right, and it just doesn't look smooth enough yet). It's meant to go with a modified version of the Radial (Emerald theme) by aceph (

I haven't planned any more colour schemes... I'm open to suggestions, though. I was hoping this might inspire other (more creative, more talented) people to make more dark themes. :) - Dec 21 2007
Divinorum Cyan & Magenta

GTK2 Themes by fyda 10 comments

You're right; I forgot to mention the "dark theme fixes" which the original Divinorum theme (see the link in the description) already provides.

In fact, the userContent.css is still included in the tarball for this theme. I need to update the description here to mention it. Thanks for the reminder, and sorry for the trouble. - Dec 17 2007
Divinorum Cyan & Magenta

GTK2 Themes by fyda 10 comments

Glad you like it. :)

The background image used in the gnome-terminal was part of the Crown Wallpaper Pack by enspia, found here: - Dec 17 2007

Metacity Themes by sidman 18 comments

Hi there,

I loved the CyanMagenta variant of this theme so much, that I modded another GTK theme (Divinorum) to match it! Thank you for the inspiration. :)

Divinorum Cyan & Magenta:

Maybe someone who wants a dark GTK theme to use with Gaia4Gnome (instead of the light Gaia theme) would be interested? - Dec 16 2007

GTK2 Themes by wulax 79 comments

Hi there,

Like gavintlgold, I also made a mod of this great theme. Thanks for all your work, and I hope you don't mind me building off of it a little. :)

Divinorum Cyan & Magenta is here:

And no, it's not full-out cyan and magenta, for people who get a ghastly mental image from seeing the name. ;) - Dec 16 2007
.aura desktop

GTK2 Themes by ep5il0n 8 comments

Beautiful. Elegant. Usable. Thank you. :) - Nov 22 2007

GTK2 Themes by wulax 79 comments


Thank you so much for the stylish theme, but I'm having an issue with some text becoming unreadable in a specific app, CCSM:

The issue is in the left pane of that app. You can compare it with a normal theme with fully readable text:

I've already checked with multiple dark themes, and the colour of the unreadable text is definitely being set by the theme. - Oct 12 2007
Compiz Fusion logo Idea 2

Compiz Themes by openartist 34 comments

Please do submit this to the artwork contest. :)

I love the colours, too. Exquisite. Might need some tweaking to make it retain its sharpness at 22x22, but it looks promising. - Jun 27 2007
Amora Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by Embrace 33 comments

What a strange coincidence... a long time ago, I posted a screenshot of my desktop, with the same wallpaper and icons, to the old Beryl forums... ;)

I am very happy that someone has finally started working on this. I would love to see a full GTK port of the Amora icons. Thank you for all your work. :) - May 24 2007
Human Ultra Pack

Icon Sub-Sets by BaQs 23 comments

Thank you for these icons! I really like the colours you've chosen; much better than the oft-regurgitated primary colours found elsewhere, and softer on the eyes. ;) - Apr 26 2007
fruit icons

Icon Sub-Sets by regimages 2 comments

Hey, I really like your style -- even if I don't have many uses for a bunch of bananas and a strawberry. ;) - Apr 26 2007
Sky of Ubuntu

GDM Themes by sirius10 8 comments

The colours are peaceful and easy on the eyes, and there's no intrusive logo. Thank you for this theme. :) - Mar 18 2007
Vista Impossible

Cliparts by BlackStone 34 comments

Nicely done! But I think it'd be just as amusing (though perhaps debatable) to say that Windows Vista is not ready for my PC. ;) - Feb 18 2007

GTK2 Themes by bigbandit2004 15 comments

Thank you for making a good-looking AND usable theme that also happens to be dark!

I had problems with the menus becoming unreadable in Firefox, but worked around it by installing a brushed metal theme on FF, which renders text in black on the silver background. It'll do until they fix whatever the problem is so that your theme works properly.

Just wondering... will you also make an orange-ish gold (ie. amber) theme? - Nov 03 2006

GTK2 Themes by bigbandit2004 15 comments

That is a rather famous wallpaper from Digital Blasphemy, titled "Fluorescence". It can be found on this page:

It's even supposed to have the site URL in the bottom-right corner of the image. I've seen it everywhere, that's all. :D

(Posting this just in case anyone is interested in that, or similar wallpapers by the same artist.) - Nov 03 2006
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