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Felix Rohrbach Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
Plasma 4 Extensions

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by Fxrh
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Nov 27 2010
No, it doesn't, and if I add support for it in the future, it would be optional. - Sep 27 2012
Hmm... I can't reproduce that crash (also using KDE 4.5.4 on ArchLinux) and I don't have any ideas what could cause the crash. The backtrace points to KDE code, so maybe this is a bug in KDE (but these backtraces are really misleading sometimes). I'm really sorry I can't help you. Is there maybe anything special (configs, compile options) in your KDE/DoBeeDo installation? - Dec 08 2010
Argh, just saw that you are using KDE 4.5.4.
Could you try to create a new crash report after you recompiled dobeedo with "-DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=debugfull" added to the cmake command, please? - Dec 06 2010
Which KDE version do you use? - Dec 06 2010
I don't think I will switch from KDE to Qt, because it really looks better in KDE if you use the KDE libs and I have also used some kde-only features (for example if you edit a todo item, the date chooser is kde only).
Of course, I could make 2 applications, one with kde and the other one qt-only, but that would take time and I would prefer to put that time into new features.
Anyway, if someone else would like to do that, it should not be too hard (I'm using github for version control, see link above). - Dec 04 2010
I'm not sure what you mean exactly. Remote Sync with what/how? I could use some third-party service like Remember The Milk (this is btw. something I have on my feature wish list), but I can't create an own service as I don't have the server or the knowledge to do so.

Hope you enjoy version 0.3.0 anyway, even though there are no sync features :-)

Felix - Nov 27 2010
I've done this in git (as a config option), so it will be in the next release. - Nov 24 2010
First: Thanks for the feedback!

The thing with the font colors should be easy, so you can expect that in the next release. I also will rethink the thing with the done button.

I also want to add checkboxes for the tasks, but I'm not yet sure how to make it. It's nice to see what you have already done, but tasks that are done should not stay there forever, and I don't want to force the user to first check the task and then remove it manually.

One possibility would be to remove checked tasks after a while (maybe at the end of the session). Or I could add a counter which shows how many tasks you already have done today, just for motivating reasons :-)

If you have any other ideas, I would like to hear them.

Felix - Nov 18 2010
I'm happy you like it and I would welcome code and ideas from you. I have a git repo at, but you could also use the "Version Control" link above ;-) - Apr 26 2010

not yet, but that may be a good idea for a future release (I just don't know how to integrate Akonadi, but that should be doable). Thanks for your idea!

Felix - Apr 18 2010
Bundesliga Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions 12 comments

by Fxrh
Score 70.0%
Dec 05 2010
No, because the source of the widget is a german site ( As getting the information from the site is not the smallest part of the plasmoid imho it would make more sense if someone would create a new plasmoid for that league. - Dec 05 2010
Hmm, ok, I don't really understand this...

I use phonon for playing the notification sounds, but maybe I can make that optional.

Anyway, thanks for your support on debugging this! - Nov 23 2010
No, the problem is clearly Phonon. I think I have to import it differently on your distribution than on mine (Arch Linux). I should get this fixed for the next release.

To be sure that I'm guessing the right problem, could you please help me one more time?

Open konsole and type "python". You should get into the python console. There you type:

from PyQt4 import Phonon
from PyQt4 import Phonon.Phonon
from PyQt4 import phonon.Phonon

Exit the python console with "exit()".
Could you then post which of these lines gives you errors? - Nov 22 2010
Do you have phonon installed? - Nov 22 2010
Could you type "plasmoidviewer bundesliga-plasmoid" into konsole and post the output? - Nov 21 2010
Icon Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions
by CraigD

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Oct 01 2011
Kate File Tree Plugin

Text Editors
by tomcf

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Sep 10 2010

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
by bk12

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Aug 21 2010
Fading Calendar

Plasma 4 Extensions
by cauch

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Jun 10 2010
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Feb 14 2010

by mtux

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Nov 05 2009

by amarok

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Nov 05 2009
Icon Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions
by CraigD

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9   Oct 01 2011
Fading Calendar

Plasma 4 Extensions
by cauch

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9   Jan 27 2011