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Nick Bryda , United States of America

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Jan 07 2009
I love it. - Jan 09 2009
Ubuntu Usplash Smooth

Usplash Themes 48 comments

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Nov 20 2008
I've noticed this too. It goes too slow on reboot or shutdown. - Dec 02 2008
This looks so awesome! The biggest problem I see is the little problem with fsck when it messes up the timing. Other than that it's amazing. Gave it a +1 on brainstorm. - Nov 18 2008

Conky 930 comments

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Oct 17 2013
No problem. :)
This is a great conkyrc and I love it. - Nov 18 2008
I've found some problems with the CPU stuff in the configuration.

CPU0: ${cpu cpu0}% ${alignr}${cpubar 8,60 cpu0}
CPU1: ${cpu cpu1}% ${alignr}${cpubar 8,60 cpu1}

conky uses cpu0 as the total of all CPUs. cpu1 is then the first core/cpu, cpu2 is the second etc. etc.

Second, the placement of the dimensions for the cpubar is interfering with percentage displayed in the cpubar. The bar fill for each cpu is always equal despite what the percentage says. By moving the 8,60 to the end I got it working right. Then the cpubar adjusted according to each cpu's % usage. This is what it looked like after I changed it

CPU0: ${cpu cpu1}% ${alignr}${cpubar cpu1 8,60}
CPU1: ${cpu cpu2}% ${alignr}${cpubar cpu2 8,60} - Nov 16 2008

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Jun 19 2008
"Icons" does not appear to be a valid theme. - Aug 06 2008
Try it

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Jul 07 2008
is it?

"Not found" ? - Jul 08 2008
elementary Icons

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Apr 09 2010
Ok, I think I found the oddity. The applet "Network Monitor" correctly shows the signal change. I did get nm-applet to change, however it seems out of whack. At 24% it shows 2 bars, when according to the icon names, it should be showing 1. So it seems that nm-applet is out of whack with this icon set for some reason. - Jun 12 2008
Well strange, but according to the icons, it should be changing, but it never changes for me. According to the icons at 38%, it should only show 2 bars, but for me, it never changes to anything other than 3 bars. - Jun 12 2008
This is a really great theme. I love it. But I noticed that the Network Manager icon doesn't change according to the wireless signal. - Jun 11 2008
Screenlets 0.1.2

Conky 18 comments

by Whise
Score 50.0%
Sep 03 2008
Another awesome release of Screenlets! You've done a great deal of admirable work on Screenlets. The project has come a long way. I'd hate to see you leave, Screenlets is one amazing project, and as of now there's really nothing else like it. I hope that you may reconsider because Screenlets are too awesome to let die. Thanks for the work you've done on the project. :) - Jun 09 2008
Ubuntu 8.04/Hardy Heron GDM-LIST

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Jun 04 2008
That looks so awesome! :) - Apr 30 2008
My OLD themes

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Apr 16 2008
These are great, thanks! - Apr 17 2008
BlueSpace II

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Apr 14 2008
As said before you need to comment out lines 99 and 106 in the gtkrc file, then reset the theme. :) - Apr 14 2008

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Apr 10 2008
my previous comment. Apparently I had an older version of this theme. The latest one seems to work fine. :) - Apr 09 2008
Great job on this theme. But it has a small problem with OpenOffice. Do a File‚ÜíSave As in OpenOffice. For some reason it chokes on that dialog window with this theme. - Apr 09 2008

Metacity Themes 8 comments

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Feb 29 2008
Great theme. I love it :) - Mar 19 2008
Screenlets 0.0.14

Conky 21 comments

by Whise
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Mar 19 2008
I'm also getting that error about uninstalling and reinstalling the screenlet. I keep Screenlets synced with the latest bzr. - Mar 18 2008