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Felipe Sateler Santiago, Chile

Audio Apps 84 comments

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Dec 12 2007
I don't think so. Unless the decoder goes out of it's way to delete the file and then create a new one, it should just work. Note, however, that the encoder must be listening to the file before the decoder starts (otherwise output will be lost). - Nov 27 2007
I think you are confusing (normal) pipes with named pipes. You can create a "file" with mkfifo, and use it as a named pipe: - Nov 25 2007
IT would be nice if transkode could (when transkoding, of course), use a named pipe instead of an intermediary file. This speeds up the process significantly (because of the eliminated i/o time), and reduces the space requirements (because there is never complete wav file in the middle). - Nov 21 2007

Amarok 1.x Scripts 126 comments

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Feb 26 2008
Build it through kdevelop. Apparently kdevelop doesn't transfer all of it's configuration to the autotools scripts, which is why that error is there. - Apr 07 2006
KXDocker with REAL transpancy

Various KDE Stuff 91 comments

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Apr 15 2006
You need to link with libpthreads. "make LDFLAGS=-lpthreads" should do it. - Jan 14 2006

Utilities 31 comments

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Oct 03 2007
The link in the amarok wiki still points to version 2.9 - Jan 04 2006