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I get this too. Is there a fix, or are you working on the solution still? - May 24 2007
Here's my translation. If anyone has any corrections or suggestions feel free to add them.

Quote:Version 7.04 - Feisty Fawn (PC i383)
Edition PC i386
Ubuntu is a modern and complete operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux and the Gnome desktop environment. Freely available, you can run it directly from the Live CD or install it on your personal computer. Ubuntu contains a selection of the best applications pre-installed. With Synaptic, the graphical interface of APT, you have access to more than 20,000 software packages from Debian GNU/Linux.

You can also update Edgy Eft to Feisty Fawn via the internet.

With Ubuntu you can…

Surf and communicate through the web securely on your Wi-Fi network
Produce professional documents on a complete office suite
Create and edit graphics and pictures
Record CDs and DVDs
Extract, organize and listen to music
Make your own videos
Download photos from your digital camera
Play games

UBUNTU LIVECD: In order to load the Ubuntu LiveCD, insert the Ubuntu CD in your CD drive and turn on or restart your computer. If Ubuntu does not begin, you may have to set your computer to first boot from the CD drive. In order to install Ubuntu, load the “Live CD” and double click the “Install” icon. If your PC only has one hard drive, the default installation will erase all the data of its computer. If you don’t want to erase your hard drive, please follow the instructions during the installation and choose the location or partition on your hard disk where you want to install Ubuntu. If a Microsoft Windows® operating system is installed on your PC, Ubuntu will not erase any data if you do not chose the default installation. After the installation process is complete you will be able to choose the operating system you want to load in the “grub” menu.

In order to use the Ubuntu Live CD, your computer must have a minimum of 256 MB of RAM.
In order to install Ubuntu on your PC, you need a minimum of 2 GB of free space in your hard disk. - Apr 28 2007