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Olivier Pilon Valleyfield, Canada

Pek-WM Themes by lyrae 9 comments

Am I blind or the bmpanel theme is not in the tar.gz file no more?

If it's the case, where can I find it?

Lovin this theme btw :P - May 13 2009
Playbill Pekwm

Pek-WM Themes by opeth115 10 comments

Any chance for the wallpapers???

Really lovin them!!

....Lovin the theme too :P - May 08 2009
Nameless Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by conteXx 30 comments

Project still alive????

Really loving those icons!! - Apr 26 2009

Openbox Themes by froli 8 comments

The gtk theme is Rezlook pastel green. I can't remember the name of the icon set... - Feb 09 2009

Openbox Themes by froli 8 comments

You can find the conky config and the script here: - Oct 21 2008