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Michel Hesse , Germany
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Glass Icons Theme

Individual Icons/-sets 165 comments

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Jul 27 2007
forget it, i got it and i love it !

THANK YOU - Jul 18 2007
how do I install a Icon Thme in Gnome, sorry for the question ;-) but I', new to Gnome, was a SuSE KDE User before, but Ubuntu with Gnome has much more speed, and now I wanna have it nice :-D Thank you for all replies. - Jul 18 2007
"Borealis" sound theme

System Sounds 107 comments

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Nov 14 2004
I'd like to try this BUT :

>>>su -p
(IMPORTANT! You must do 'su' with the '-p' flag in order to preserve your home dir variable while running as superuser)

How can I do this in UBUNTU where I don't know the root password and all I can do is SUDO ??? - Jul 11 2007

GTK2 Themes
by KuduK

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Dec 06 2009
sulphur on wood

Wallpaper Other
by taliesin

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Dec 06 2009
3d modelled inkscape

Individual Icons/-sets
by leadgolem

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Dec 06 2009
Blue Foam

Wallpaper Other
by Esthefan

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Dec 06 2009
Azenis Icons

GnoMenu Skins
by technoshaun

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Dec 06 2009