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Carlos Frikilinux Chacabuco, Argentina
Sintegrial Text Editor

Text Editors by sintegrial 17 comments

Yes, I followed the instructions in the INSTALL file.
After trying again I noticed that the problem is, I have installed the package qscintilla as a dependency by another application, and if I uninstall it compile without problems.
How do I compile without removing the package qscintilla my system?
Thanks. - Mar 27 2010
Sintegrial Text Editor

Text Editors by sintegrial 17 comments

I can't compile v 0.2.1 in Arch Linux x86_64, v. 0.2.0 compile fine and works fine too. This is the output:

styles.o: In function `StyleManager::doCreateLexer(int)':
styles.cpp:(.text+0x1b3): undefined reference to QsciLexerNSIS::QsciLexerNSIS(QObject*)'
styles.cpp:(.text+0x433): undefined reference to QsciLexerASM::QsciLexerASM(QObject*)'
collect2: ld devolvió el estado de salida 1
make: *** [ste] Error 1

Any suggestions? - Mar 26 2010

Network by dennisntstar 6 comments

@amigib you need rebuild moc* files before compiling. Install automoc4 and:

/usr/bin/moc src/dialogimpl.h -o moc_dialogimpl.cpp
/usr/bin/moc thread.h -o moc_thread.cpp
/usr/bin/moc shutthread.h -o moc_shutthread.cpp
/usr/bin/moc netthread.h -o moc_netthread.cpp - Mar 15 2010

Network by lsn752 13 comments

Added package to AUR for ArchLinux - Jun 05 2009
STH Amarok Black

Karamba & Superkaramba by FrikiLinux 3 comments

Ys, this link is just to get into my other widgets, including this. Maybe I should remove it to avoid
confusion. - Aug 12 2008

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