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This looks pretty much like what my Lipstik does... Plastik Gradients and Sharper Menu Gradients are checked in the Lipstik config. - Apr 30 2006
Periscopes and Radar

Wallpaper Other by hammerjw 4 comments

that's a damn restrictiove license, that is. And it's not quite clear what it means either.
'Open source OS': may it be used if non-open source OSs are installed ? may it be transfared by proprietary systems ?
'Open Source Software': Only free software on the machine ? only free software handling the image ? only free software displaying the image ? as I see it, all these possibilities rule out users of proprietary drivers. (graphics, hard disc etc)
no deriviative works: you seam to be an open source fan. call THAT open source ?
usage restrictions: hell ! you're not even allowed tp use it as bootsplash ! or print it out and nail it above you monitor !
and: you don't state whether redistribution by third parties is allowed. - Oct 20 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by saki 192 comments

The GNOME menu bar icon does not change (debian 3.1 w/ gnome 2.8 , debian SID w/ gnome 2.10)
This can be fixed by adding symlinks 'gnome-logo-icon-transparent.png' to 'gnome-main-menu.png'. - Oct 02 2005
Blue Grid

Wallpaper Other by Graziano 3 comments

this is one of those walls that could hold ages !
Thank You - Aug 25 2005
Gnome Tribal

Wallpapers Gnome by elm4y4 4 comments

broken link, please fix - Aug 25 2005
Fedora Core Background

Wallpaper Other by FLuffyArmada 1 comment

broken link. please fix. - Aug 25 2005
Blue turbulence

Wallpaper Other by michaelchan 8 comments

If the licence is GPL, which he says it is, you may. - Aug 25 2005
fedora splash screen

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by caseycop 2 comments

What is fedora about this splash ?
And where is there a font that can be disliked ?! - Aug 25 2005
Apr├Ęs la pluie

Wallpaper Other by DiesIrae 2 comments

Very nice wall you have there, but could you make a version without the white border ? - Aug 22 2005
Gnome - The Best

Wallpapers Gnome by manny1337 1 comment

any chance of getting this in 1280x1024 ? - Aug 21 2005
Ubuntu Crystal

Wallpapers Ubuntu by wedderburn 2 comments

very nice wallpaper, but could you lower the logo a bit ? it is half covered by my panel, which is 24 pixel high ( standard ubuntu setup) - Aug 21 2005