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F Wolfenstein HO Chi Minh, Vietnam
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Cinnamon Themes 2 comments

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Oct 12 2017
I have used Cinnamon for half a dozen years, but soon, when LM17.3 support runs out, I will go with Manjaro KDE and see where that takes me. Too much of what I use no longer runs on iterations after LM18, because of this I no longer develop themes for Cinnamon. Feel free to make this your own and update it. - Oct 17 2018

Cinnamon Themes 5 comments

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Oct 13 2017
I forgot, they put that one theme we collaborated on in the permanent Linux Mint repo :-) - Oct 20 2017
Come over to my Google+ page, I have everything posted over there with dropbox links. 18 Cinnamon themes 36+ Metacity themes and a whole bunch more. I like it, my stuff doesn't get lost in the shuffle there... - Oct 20 2017
Thanks, had a little problem with my ticker, but I guess I'm gonna on with the Linux, right? - Oct 14 2017
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Oct 12 2017
You're welcome... - Oct 20 2017