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Fred P

Chat & Messenging 16 comments

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Mar 10 2005
Is there any IRC protocol KIOSlave or KPart that provides all the functionalities:
- Connecting to an IRC server
- List of IRC server
- DCC send/recv
- DCC chat
- Retrieve the list of channels
- Listen to channel
- Send to channel
- Listen to some user
- Send to some user
- Ping/Whois/Info/Time/Finger a user

The goal would be to have a central set of QObject or similar widget to provide different kinds of GUI or user interface for the IRC protocol.
- Apr 11 2005
Umbrello UML Modeller

Developers Apps 28 comments

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Jan 12 2008
This tools is more close to the old Rational Rose style [which I prefer] than Kivio which is close to Microsoft Visio.

However, you may wish to share some KParts/features with Kivio on some of the functionality.

Sincerely yours,

- Feb 12 2005
Generic Feedback-Wizard

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 26 comments

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Jun 11 2005
Looks nice, but few things.

When you say transmit Qt, KDE, CPU, mem, etc. information.

Could you add a ">>" button to show what "content" is sent through the form?

i.e. It's hidden by default but some geeks might wanna know what it sent.

Also, a formal "ASCII" view [View Report]
at the end toward with a [Submit].


- Feb 12 2005
QtSQL Browser

Database 6 comments

by philb
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Jan 27 2005
Can you post more and bigger screenshots?

Fred. - Jan 27 2005
Kivio mp

Graphic Apps 3 comments

by appy
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Jan 27 2005
- Zoom in/out works
- Zoom on an item works
- Layers works (back/forward)
- Copy/paste works
- No print preview
- No way to change colors to "Rational style" by default.
- Works like Visio in black and white monochrome (no color)
- Provides Flowchart only
- Easy access to coordinate tuning
- Some keyboard shortcuts, but not for every menu item.
- Close icon is weird? (looks like open)
- View menu is empty
- Arrange menu is empty
- No way to group stuff around

- Stencils are in Kivio XML + PNG icon,
good but would have been better if it was based on SVG.

- Stencils would have been better with an augmented SVG grammar,
such that editor could more easily import new rastered stencils.

- No way to create stencils from KivioMP, must be done manually?

- The stencils are way more intuitive than Visio XML format perhaps.

- No way to combine existing stencils item into a new stencil.

- Stencils are sold seperatly 5-10$/each

- Units are in "pt" by default?
- No way to change units.
- The units x/y/spacing toolbar cannot be span on two toolbar rows (Qt bug!?).

- Does not support mixing of rich text within a label.
- Font color does not work once the dialog is closed.

- Provides less features by default then:
or Microsoft Visio
or Rational Rose
or Rational Rose XDE

The interface is mostly a strip down version of Microsoft Visio.

The connectors functionality works like Visio not like Rational Rose.

If you are looking for a featureless and portable version of Visio
that works on most platform for less than 100$, this is it. - Jan 27 2005
POLARIS: Security enhancement for KDE

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 8 comments

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Jan 24 2005
Could someone please render these comments in simpler terms?

He's joking around to explain his point
that's it.

1) who the f is asdex

Some dude!?

2) why is he/she posting someone elses personal data

It's probably some fake data,
to make the story more funny?

3) why does the supposed link provide a 403 code?

It's probably a "bad url",
to make the story more funny?

4) and just who the f is (whois post follows)

Don't freak out! =P

He was just making fun of how Microsoft virus spread up
by using the latest xpdf security glitch as an example,
that's about it. I think...

Fred. - Jan 25 2005
Ideally, 'nobody' account is an interesting compromise,
but you might not want to have
Konqueror having the same privilege
then Kate, KOffice, KPDF or some games.

So, really priviledge should be tuned
per application.

So, we actually need one account per app or per context,
the small problem is that it clutter

Also, the other problem is that
chown'ing around requires root.
There's currently no explicit way
of chown'ing to a sub-level privilege
thanks to current POSIX implementation.
So, some of the POLARIS component
would have to run as root or similar.

This means we should have:

- a list of allowed files to be read/write/execute by default.
- a list of protocols/port allowed by default
- a list of shared lib required
- a list of currently used files

For instance, if you could use a PETS name for konqeror
when accessing local hard disk and another one for Internet.

One way, would be to implement a
sub-class authorization widget
or an 'authorization' decorator design pattern
for GUI widget such as
open dialog, save dialog,
print dialog, list box, radio, option, checkbox, etc.

Maybe, those widgets, for instance
list box should have a different
background color to indicate as such.
Thinking about how the yellow background
in Firefox indicate an SSL context.

- Jan 25 2005
Just quoting some 'DrStupid' folks:

One might be able to set something like this up with the -u option to kdesu,
thus running an untrusted app under the "nobody" account.
Or a special "sandbox" user created just for this purpose.

Going further, one could imagine a graphical frontend to setting up
a chrooted environment in which suspect apps could run.
- Jan 24 2005
QtFprot interface/usability improvement

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 4 comments

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Jan 14 2005
It seems that the file to be changed is:


within qtfprot-0.2.1c.tar.bz2

Any volunteers? :)

- Jan 14 2005
See QtFprot 0.2.1c: - Jan 14 2005
See QtFprot 0.2.1c: - Jan 14 2005

Security 15 comments

by gluon
Score 50.0%
Jan 05 2005
I added some screenshots of the interface,
see here:

Basically, everything should be aligned
horizontally and vertically to reduce visual noise.

Buttons should be align,
same width, same size, spaced equally.

The [...] buttons are not identical ?!

Sincerely yours,

Fred. - Jan 14 2005
I think it would look better and more efficient if actions / macro virus removal was on the top
and misc. options at the bottom.

such that they alight perfectly vertically with path to scan and scan options.

Just a though.

Sincerely yours,
Fred. - Jan 08 2005
Copy to Floppy

Dolphin Service Menus 22 comments

by zast
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May 23 2005
Could you make a version with:
"Copy to USB key"
see the usb pen on kde-apps for more info.

Sincerely yours,
Fred. - Dec 29 2004

Graphic Apps 40 comments

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Dec 12 2004
Wow, I don't know where you got the icons, but they just look freakin' cool!

BTW, the zoom in 1600% and 100% view at the same time,
is VERY useful to create icons, widgets and similar.

Nice job!

Long life to KolourPaint!

Fred. =) - May 02 2004
QStringTemp for Qt 2.2.3

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 14 comments

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Apr 23 2004
The version for current KDE 3.x CVS
can be found here.

QStringTemp for Qt 2.2.3 had
14 comments up to date. - Apr 24 2004
I got a working version for KDE 3.x =)
I will post it tomorrow. ;-)
- Apr 23 2004
You only need in the tarball

In your KDE CVS dir
change ./qtools/qstring.h

You make:

virtual ~QString()

and you change in front of
QString( int size, bool dummy );

private: --> protected:

I had difficulty compiling
qtools from KDE webcvs.

Maybe someone can point me
to a working out-of-the-box
qtools KDE3 tarball ?

It works perfectly with Qt 2.2.3 (Win32/Linux) provided in the tarball.

Fred. - Apr 22 2004
I guess I have to sign up to all those mailling list.

Also I needed a place where I could get minimal space for the tarball and output screenshots.

It's also easier to get more attention here, than on the mailing list where your post get lost in the dust after a month. =( - Apr 21 2004
QString(int buffer_length, bool dummy);
is currently private, you have to change it to public or protected.
You also have to put ~QString to be a virtual function.
"QTextOStream class is a convenience class for output streams, providing a shorthand for creating simple output QTextStreams without having to pass a mode argument to the constructor."

Where QStringTemp is just a proxy QString, which is used as a QString.
It does NOT have to be an output stream.
- Apr 21 2004
Basically, the algorithm is a
"Temporary String Proxy Design Pattern"

The idea is that the QStringTemp proxy
has the same behavior than QString.

The difference is that we "know" that it's a QStringTemp not a QString;
therefore, we can leverage this opportunity to optimize.

In other words, we are doing this:
inline QStringTemp& operator+( T )
QString::operator+=( T );
return *this;

So, instead of being tedious
and write by hand:

uint sz = a::length() + b::length() + c::length() + d::length();

QString tmp( (int)sz, true );

tmp += a;
tmp += b;
tmp += c;
tmp += d;

QString s = tmp;

We simply write:

uint sz = a::length() + b::length() + c::length() + d::length();

QStringTemp tmp( (int)sz, true );
QString s = tmp + a + b + c + d;


The thing is that, if QString::operator+( T ) always returned a QStringTemp and would always make a good estimate,
see in the screenshot the section: "WITHOUT KNOWING QStringTemp buffer size in advance"

Then you would simply have to recompile KDE and get the improvement all over the place!

Needs a bit of tweaking around:

#ifndef QStringTempSize

#ifndef QStringTempShift
#define QStringTempShift 3

#define QStringTempSize( sz ) ( ((sz) + (sz) >> (QStringTempShift)) | 16 )

//#define QStringTempSize( sz ) ( ((sz) + (sz) >> 3) | 16 )

Needs more benchmarking on various String concatenation scenarios.

In the meanwhile,

Long life to KDE! =)
- Apr 21 2004

Groupware 2 comments

by jaham
Score 50.0%
Oct 31 2004
Nice feature! - Apr 22 2004
tar service menu

Dolphin Service Menus 6 comments

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Apr 22 2004
Could you post a "zoom-in" readable screenshots of the service menu.

Thanks! - Apr 22 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 11 comments

by radiz
Score 50.0%
Apr 16 2004
Maybe you should be hired by Google? =P - Apr 16 2004

Browser 2 comments

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Apr 16 2008
These days few people still use
the gopher protocol, but it's nice
to have it still, just in case... ;)

Good job! - Apr 14 2004

Video Apps 139 comments

by maldn
Score 50.0%
Apr 21 2005
Does it also work with
MSN messanger webcam/netmeeting?

Would be really nice...

Integrate in your favorite PIM
with some DCOP and voil - Apr 14 2004

System Software 1 comment

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Mar 19 2004
Good job! =) - Apr 14 2004
Symlink Properties Plugin

System Software 3 comments

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Mar 27 2004
That's really useful!

Can we ask for more features ? ;) - Apr 14 2004

Utilities 1 comment

Score 50.0%
Apr 02 2004
That would have been useful back then, if I didn't switch to a cable modem. =P - Apr 14 2004
Kim (Kde Image Menu)

Graphic Apps 196 comments

Score 80.6%
Feb 23 2009
Small typo in the english screenshots?
(Remplace!) --> (Replace)

You might also want to have the first screenshot in english too instead of french... =)

Good job! - Apr 14 2004

Science 1 comment

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Apr 08 2004
I'm sure some folks in libraries might want to use something like that in a KDE kiosk mode...

- Apr 14 2004

Utilities 81 comments

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Dec 29 2005
You mean kio_iso (from 2002) ?

Kio_iso is a KDE 3 ioslave, for reading ISO-9660 (ECMA-119) file system images.

It can read from a so-called .iso file, or directly from the CD-ROM device.

The later has the ability to select from the recorded sessions.

Maybe you should look here:

Maybe you could help them keeping it up to date ? =P - Apr 14 2004
So much better with text! =) - Apr 13 2004
nah it's better with text,
it takes few seconds for tooltips... - Mar 31 2004
Add text under each Toolbar button
so it's more clear what each buttons do.

So, people don't have to go through
the help and learn what each symbol means even though some are obvious...

Fred. - Mar 09 2004

Text Editors 13 comments

by heiko
Score 50.0%
Aug 03 2004
Looks like a promising editplus clone replacement!

Does it supports mutli-lines search in files and multi-lines search and replace?

Does it support multi-lines regexp search and replace?

What does the scripting syntax
for syntax highlighting looks-like
for new language?

Please post more screenshots
for the various features.

Keep the good job!


- Apr 13 2004
ServiceMenu to edit *desktop Files

Dolphin Service Menus 3 comments

Score 50.0%
Mar 07 2004
Would it be possible to post
screenshots in english?

Thanks! - Mar 31 2004

Dolphin Service Menus 305 comments

Score 63.3%
Apr 09 2009
Would it be possible to use an ISO image contain via a KIOSlave ?

- Mar 31 2004
cmd ioslave

Utilities 9 comments

Score 50.0%
Feb 25 2004
The cmd ioslave should ALWAYS be read-only on files.
This would avoid any security risk, any created/modified files should be made on /tmp.

Again, we don't want ActiveX nightmare inside webpage for KDE users using cmd ioslave.

For instance, remembers me, webpage forcing people to turn on ActiveX, Java, JavaScript and install spyware...
else the website is not display!

Having cmd ioslave with a default read-only that can be turn to Read-write would result in some webpage forcing people to have read-write to view the page or accept a message box prompt recursively ala ActiveX.


You must Accept this message.

Allow read-write cmd ioslave?
Yes No

No -> Force a loop... until user press Yes.

Another way would be to have cmd ioslave to be run EXCLUSIVELY as another user, like cmd_nobody:cmd_nobody on /tmp.

This would means that only world read accessible files could be read/parse, etc.

Fred. - Mar 19 2004
Actionmenu "make file executable"

Dolphin Service Menus 12 comments

Score 50.0%
Mar 10 2004
Would it be possible
to post an English screenshot?

Thank you! - Mar 19 2004
Advanced Permissions - konqueror

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 29 comments

Score 50.0%
Mar 10 2004
Keep the R/W/X checkbox,
but also add a octal textfield
that changes upon the checkbox.

so we see 0755

and RWX,R-X,R-X

Great work!
Fred. - Mar 19 2004

Developers Apps 12 comments

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Jan 19 2004
That's a freaking slick VB clone...

You did a very good job dude! - Mar 09 2004

Developers Apps 25 comments

Score 50.0%
Jul 16 2007
I think that Gambas is confusing...
with Gnome at first sight.

Kambas would be a bit better.

KamBasic or similar...

Fred. - Mar 09 2004