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S├ębastien Forestier

System Software by Daemon-K 11 comments


It is a great piece of software, and an excellent idea!

Let me please make a suggestion: would it be possible to integrate it into Lineak, so it becomes part of the same code and therefore it is not necessary to have both a Lineakd configurator and a Media-Detect configurator? This would also probably ease a clean extension of the Keyboard KDE control module? - Jan 23 2004

Audio Apps by wheeler 33 comments

Thank you for your answer, and thank you for TagLib! - Jan 23 2004
KNet (formerly kdsl)

Network by jbaileys 64 comments

Please do not think I am flaming you. I respect your work and I thank you for having made it available to the community. However, what do you think about extending existing applications (collaborating with application maintainer), rather than starting a new project? I am a Linux/KDE user and I like OpenSource in general, but I think one weakness of OpenSource is "too many projects to do the same thing, none is complete". I am just interested in knowing your opinion about that. - Jan 22 2004

Audio Apps by wheeler 33 comments

Oh, I did not think about that. So, what about id3lib now? I respect your decision, it seems to be founded. What do you think about compatibility, and all applications that rely on id3lib? Please note I am just curious, I am not bashing you! However I must admit I think that in general we have far too many ways to do the same thing with OpenSource, and it is difficult to, say, standardize a little. What do you think about that? - Jan 22 2004

Audio Apps by wheeler 33 comments

I am not sure to understand why we need taglib when there is id3lib that's here since a long time. Or, maybe, taglib relies upon id3lib when it come to id3 tags, and on other libraries for other tag standards? What kind of gap does taglib fill? - Jan 22 2004