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Andrew Tetro , Canada

Plasma Themes 10 comments

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Jul 03 2008
The theme looks great on my desktop but I would like to know how can I get a small kicker in the middle as in the screenshot. Mine takes up the whole bottom of my desktop. - Jul 24 2008

Plasma Themes 67 comments

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Sep 25 2008
I got obsedian color on and it looks great and Elegance also looks GREAT on my desktop but when I enable desktop effects the only transparent thing I get is my taskbar and title bar. I can't get the whole window transparent. I went in the translucency settings and the descriptions says: make decorations and windows transparent. But when I click on the settings I get: Decorations, Moved/Resized Windows and Dialogs. What is wrong. I'm on openSuSE 11 with KDE 4.0 - Jul 18 2008
In the screenshot, Dolphin is black. How did he change the theme of it? I am using OpenSuSE 11.

Also, alot of people can show files as a plasma, how do they do that?. What is the plasma?

ANd how can I make windows transparent? As on the screenshots. - Jul 18 2008

System Software 100 comments

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Jun 09 2007
I tried running the RPM but nothing happens. - Apr 14 2008
I always get this error:

libtool: link: cannot find the library `/usr/lib/'

I run Mandriva Powerpack 2008.0 64bit - Apr 14 2008