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KDE Plasma Screenshots 18 comments

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Apr 17 2003
Me too! it should be available quite soon hopefully! - Apr 17 2003
the top left hand thing on this screen shot is a Karamba thing. the slider in slicker isn't made yet, thats why it's still pre alpha - Apr 16 2003
Lush 0.1.0

Icon Sub-Sets 58 comments

by dave
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Jun 20 2003
Very nice, quick do some more!

Can I make a suggestion, when you make the home icon don't put a house on it! - Mar 21 2003
Slicker for the Determined ;-]

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 47 comments

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May 12 2003
is there maybe a call for a choice list in that field instead of typing in what you want? - Mar 14 2003
Not quite kicker

Kicker Panel 84 comments

by fop
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Nov 27 2002
thats part of the flash presentation I promised. I am working on the whole desktop where you can activate the cards and the slider PIM thing.

I am having a little trouble with making the cards snap into position when they are near the bottom of the screen, but it will get there. - Dec 06 2002
it is the taskbar, the task card idea didn't go down too well.

I nearly always have an external taskbar at the top already to give me more room on kicker. - Dec 06 2002
thats the idea. To make it easy for developers to make their own apps compatible.

There is the work going on at the moment at

and I think the developers are making sure that it's easy to convert apps. For this kinf of idea to work it needs a load of different applications. - Dec 06 2002
being a designer, I use quite a lot of different graphics/layout programs. For each project I have I usually have to come up with a range of colours which I have to set up in each program I use.

the idea of a separate pallette card would be that I would have an independant set of colours that I could drag or paste into any program.

other ideas are:

library card - bookmarks, man pages, help files, etc to help beginners
project manager card - easy access to project files
- Nov 27 2002
a flash "fake" desktop and I have taken the hint that people don't like the menu card. So based on a suggestion I have made the K icon span the whole height of the double sized menu card and put the quick launch at the bottom. the card kind of expands upwards but the K icon remains where it is.

I might have time to finish the flash idea tomorrow it'll make more sense then (hopefully) - Nov 27 2002
I had no idea this would possibly become real. I think it would be worthwhile coming up with ideas for cards.

I personally would like a cross program palette so I can create a range of colours for a website or image and if I have to use 2 or 3 different progs to do it I don't have to put in all the colours again.

The bloke that has set up the source forge project must be in a different time zone to me, he is going to make me a co-admin so I can upload some doc/ideas and stuff.

I like your idea of different groups coming up with their own cards, nice.
and there is another idea for thumnalizing (and ripping off other peoples ideas) here: so no real need for a taskbar
- Nov 27 2002
I did get your email but I have been drinking heavily to celebrate having one good idea in my life.

A couple of people have emailed me about coding, so a sourceforge erm, thing should be started. So if you want to do what needs doing there that would be cool. I would like to have admin access (or whatever it is) so I can upload the graphics n' stuff and help out in my none coding way.

thanks. - Nov 24 2002
you can throw money at me if you like - but I'm not a coder :( - Nov 23 2002
that the menu would close when you moved the cursor away from it, but having said that it wouldn't hurt to have a close button at the bottom of the menu card. - Nov 23 2002
that'd work. if you look at the second screen shot the quicklaunch and kmenu are all in one any way, but I disgused it as two to look like a stack.

But I will try swaping the menu button and the quick launcher!

Thanks - Nov 22 2002
that is a fair point, this is difficult..... - Nov 22 2002
everything must stay the same, good.

and the kmenu is on the left hand edge. - Nov 22 2002
you would have to select the taskbar 'card' if you wanted to use it. you could just as easily use something like the existing external taskbar at the top of the screen. - Nov 22 2002
I did think about that, really there is no alternative to the existing taskbar if you look at it from that point of view.

there must be some innovative new and better way of including a taskbar that doesn't take up loads of space.....must....think....harder! - Nov 22 2002
maybe kicker really does need this level of rethinking I know it would mean a lot of work for the developers.

this is just one idea there are so many good ones here surely a new, good and unique kicker can be created from them. - Nov 22 2002

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

by fop
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Nov 18 2002
I thought it might be a bit too dark. I will upload the other version I did which is quite a lot lighter. - Nov 18 2002
at the kde bar

Wallpapers KDE Plasma 4 comments

by fop
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Sep 12 2002
I'll give it a go and see what it looks like.

I prefer a wallpaper not to be too distracting thats why I do stuff that way (my other one being the same style).

I agree about the blue background issue, I am planning a sarcastic take on the style which will include a blue swirly background and OSX style glassy ball things.


- Sep 11 2002

Wallpaper Other 6 comments

by fop
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Aug 14 2002
it's too close to reality for some people!

cheers! - Sep 08 2002
I meant to leave a lot of blank space for icons and stuff. I think that a wallpaper should enhance your desktop without getting in the way too much I hate it when no matter what colour you have your icon text there's always a bit you cant read because of the WP image.

Anyway thanks for your kind words, there's another two in the pipeline and maybe a cartoon version if I can get a plugin working properly! - Sep 08 2002
erm....erm....shiny mc shine?

thanks for you comment I was getting lonely. - Aug 21 2002