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Plus some look suspiciously similar to some of mine here - Jun 23 2004
Crystal hdd icons

Icon Sub-Sets by ra1n 11 comments

These aren't your icons to edit/post!
You don't have permission!

I made these icon [ ] along with everaldo.

FOOOD - Mar 28 2003

Icon Sub-Sets by XTD 23 comments

Yea, I made these icons for Windows XP quite a while ago.

Then everaldo contacted me about joining the KDE project [quite a while ago] & asked me to convert these icons for the project.

If you don't like my icons I don't have a problem with that.

But I haven't ripped them from anyone.

I don't know why this gimp here has posted them here!? They're nothing to do with him! - Mar 09 2003
You haven't made these from scratch.

You've used mine & evelado icons from the crystal set & edited them.

You've edited mine without my permission.

I don't know about you having everaldo's permission? - Dec 17 2002