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Amarok 2.x Scripts 141 comments

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Oct 12 2018
I feared that ;)

It's version 0.32 using amarok 2.4.0, gstreamer backend as default with Ubuntu 11.04. This issue isn't that new, I also had it with Ubuntu 10.10/ amarok 2.3.2 (just forgot to report). - May 10 2011

WDR2 and 1Live streams do not work. If I try to add them to the playlist, they simply do not appear there. Sub-stations like 1live diggi or WDR2 M√ľnster work fine, though.

Kubuntu 11.04 - May 07 2011

Full Icon Themes 11 comments

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Oct 11 2008
Not exactly about the problems I have described (fixed them for it was so annyoing), but in the ubuntu add/remove programe, there's a similar one: the internet icon.
I'll send you a screen. - Oct 16 2008
Very nice one, I use it with red wallpapers.
However, with Ubuntu 8.04 some icons don't work properly (Gnome 2.24, I think).
The deskbar icon isn't replaced in the panel, document-properties is too big (have to manually resize it to 128x128 from 256x256) and firefox programm in the window list isn't changed either.

However, still a very nice on. - Oct 16 2008
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May 07 2011