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David D Lowe
Video Wallpaper

Nautilus Scripts by superpiwi 6 comments

FYI, your script got featured on OMG Ubuntu!. I quite like it. It actually works! Last time I fiddled with xwinwrap I couldn't get it to work. - Aug 10 2010
human swarm (XSplash)

XSplash Themes by mjamesrd 13 comments

Hi, I'm the developer of Epidermis. This bug has been fixed in Epidermis 0.4.1. - Nov 10 2009
dark-swarm (XSplash)

XSplash Themes by mjamesrd 19 comments

I found the copyright file from xubuntu-artwork. Here's the relevant bit to the xsplash theme:
Copyright: © 2009, Pasi Lallinaho <open AT>
Copyright: © 2009, Mads Rosendahl <madsrh AT>
License: CC-BY-SA-3.0 - Nov 10 2009

GTK2 Themes by carlosmolines 18 comments

Same here. - Oct 27 2009

GDM Themes by Xabaras 2 comments

Why is this theme called GodTux? What's it got to do with God? - Jul 03 2009
Feather Sound Set

System Sounds by glhleite 21 comments

You realise that .tar files are uncompressed?
What you want to upload is a .tar.gz file. - Jul 02 2009
tux basic

GDM Themes by websammy 3 comments

The copyright section of the .desktop file says proprietary license, why?

The style itself is a bit too minimalist for me, the login box could do with colour. - Jul 02 2009

GDM Themes by robertodark 1 comment

Too rude for my liking. BTW, why's this theme called Tux? - Jul 02 2009
Tux Pen

Wallpaper Other by vcspvt 3 comments

Linux is the first to get USB 3 support, so there! - Jul 02 2009
Alegre Ubuntu edition

GTK2 Themes by ugluck 10 comments

Gtk-2.0 Alegre.tar.gz is badly packaged, it should contain Alegre folder, not Gtk-2.0 Alegre/Alegre . System, Preferences, Appearance won't accept it otherwise. - Jan 03 2009
Think Open Source

GDM Themes by Precapice 9 comments

Could you change the extension of the file from .gz to .tar.gz? That way, it will show up in the open dialog of the login window preferences app. - May 27 2008