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Javier Paniagua
KDevelop + VMWare

Icon Sub-Sets by Matias 5 comments

I like the green ball of your KDevelop icon... Very very nice...

There is one 'suggestion' I'd give... Make the gear around the green ball the same as the Konqueror icon.

- Oct 23 2002
Crystal GT

Full Icon Themes by everaldo 385 comments

I think it is my fault actually... I renamed konsole2 to konsole as part of my crystal mod...

It seems Everaldo accidentally overwritten the 'shelled' konsole with the originally named konsole2...

Anyway, a konsole with a shell in the icon is meaningful only for english speakers... To spanish speakers your 'shell' translates to 'concha', and, I tell you, that has a VERY different meaning for some latin american countries... (that is a word for the female genitalia) :D

- Oct 16 2002
Vidrio Deforme (Crystal Add-on)

Icon Sub-Sets by flavuloid 3 comments

OO crystal icons are nice, but I really don't like the original SO/OO artwork... That (and desire for consistency) is why I tried to re-use things already in crystal as much as I could...

OO crystal icons also don't look good in 16x16... I re-drew some things at this resolution at lest to try to make things look better...

(and i don't like those spheres... why are they everywhere?) - Oct 13 2002