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KDE Plasma Screenshots

Wallpaper Other by pogo730 1 comment

not bad, the alien looks like you cut it out of another pic. you could fix this by going around the edges of the little guy and using the "blur" tool to smooth the edges out. Also, the super nova could be green, that would look a little better, although the "Linux" logo thing is blue, my opinion is blue and olive/pale green don't go together well. But I do like the idea of the whole thing, very creative! - Jan 04 2005
Green Radiation

Wallpaper Other by lostbr 1 comment

pretty cool! can you make it in a blueish, darker color? or I could, but I think green doesn't capture eyes like other colors can. Looks great though! - Jan 02 2005
Linux virus (larger version)

Wallpaper Other by flamingpoptart 6 comments

exactly. it's a one of a kind "virus," goes from "host" to "host," changing how the "host" works. I mean, you don't hear people saying, "Hey! Did you check out THIS distro of windoze?" of course not, or at least I never have. Linux is one of a kind. - Jan 02 2005
Linux virus

Wallpaper Other by flamingpoptart 3 comments

i got it from just a pic of a virus, w/ a little colorfy, text, and so on... made w/ the gimp. I'll see what I can do to enlarge it! - Jan 02 2005
Enter The Linux

Wallpaper Other by tsurelad 2 comments

Not bad at all! The only thing I would suggest is having flippers/penguin hands in his glasses instead of human hands. It might give it a little more realistic look. But other than that, pretty good! - Oct 28 2004
FreeBSD 4.10 + fresh ports :)

KDE Plasma Screenshots by TokRa 3 comments

I couldn't help to notice that you had "Winamp" running, or what seems to be winamp. If so, where did you get this? I can't seem to find a Linux download for it, or were you using Wine or some other Windows -> Linux program? Nice screenshot, though! - Oct 26 2004