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Eduardo Isla Venegas , Sweden
Service Menu Manager

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by xadras 32 comments

Hello, and thanks. I just love this. Good work.
Although I'm having one little problem.
You see I didn't do all the cmake-make-makeinstall-stepps. I just klicked the .deb and kinda let it handle it self (and that's probably why I'm having problems), and now, when I install service menus from the net or manually select them for installation, it puts some files in /home/'user'/bin instead of in /usr/bin (where they are supposed to be).
So now I've got to manually cut n' paste every time I install something new. Cutting and pasting isn't really such a hassle but it bothers me that it doesn't work as it should.
Is there any way around that? - Dec 29 2008