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Ken Starks austin

Full Icon Themes by limplinux91 7 comments

you are sending us all to a site that is not only not in english but doesn't seem to have any idea you want us to download an iconset there.

That brings the dead links on kde-look pretty close to 30 percent. Stellar work. - Jul 28 2009
Sonic Blue

KDE 3 Color Schemes by geminiguy 4 comments

I will tell you what I did do though...I lightened the window background just a tad so when you do a mouseover, the dark text shows up a bit better. I know you only have a certain amount of tools to work with and the dark on dark thing is a problem in I would really like to see fixed though.

Voted good. - Jul 15 2009
Pieces of Ubuntu

Wallpapers Ubuntu by Damian21214 4 comments

I can't remember ever seeing a desktop image I would be willing to pay money for until I saw this one.

I didn't know whether to look at it or lick it.

Beautiful work. Anyone voting this down needs a seeing eye dog. - Jul 14 2009
SimplyMEPIS 8.0 - Default KDE Theme

KDE 3.5 Themes by DrCR 1 comment

like about 60 percent of the kth themes here, it installs but the first hint of trouble is when it says "no preview available"

Not only does the theme not even show up, it won't uninstall as well.

Seems this is a common enough problem that it should have been fixed by now. this theme produced the same results on two different machines. - Jul 13 2009
MY Azenis ColoUr Theme

KDE 3 Color Schemes by Padster 4 comments

Not sure why you've been voted down...what sucks is that some people just don't like dark themes so they vote on their scheme preferences, not the talent and abilitiy you put into the project. That's sad.

as an aside, do you do work in Window Decorations for KDE? There is s a beautiful project in Metacity called Polaris. any chance you might want to take a look at it? It goes beautifully with your color scheme. - Jul 12 2009
Drop Plus

Cursors by jmariani 8 comments

It's only getting worse. These "free" file hosting sites are getting to the point where you are almost forced to pay in order to get a silly file. Rapidshare is rejecting perfectly correct input for the capchas. Hotkeys is reporting precise input while rapidshare is telling me I entered it wrong.

Until we quit using these maggots, it's not going to get any better. I am going to set up a server for people who don't have any alternatives and they can have their contributions hosted with me for free. Nothing too large, but stuff like this should be fine. Give me 3 days from the date of this posting and I will have it set up. Contact me at helios at fixedbylinux dottt komm and we'll get you set up.

If anyone has Drop Line put away on their computer some where, please email it to me. the scumbag hosting pages listed here aren't going to let me download it.

btw...they have found a way to detect the greasemonkey script to bypass the least for now - May 24 2008
metal4kde "reloaded"

KDE 3.5 Themes by xulscheme 16 comments

shame that people vote on their like or dislike for a particular style and not on the merits of the project itself. I am personally glad to see someone rekindle the metal4kde flame. It has long been one of my favorite styles and unfortunately, Mandriva and PLCinuxOS were the only ones to make it least as far as I know. I was able to get the style done for mepis in deb form so if anyone is interested in a mepis style for metal4kde contact me at helios at lobby4linux dot kom and I will email it to you.

Nice work here..I am seeing if the rpm distros will build their packages and I will let you know when they are available for upload.

h - Mar 30 2008

KDE 3 Color Schemes by amr2205 3 comments

This is the trouble with trying to make the dark guys are either not checking how this looks with your kedit/gedit apps or you don't care. The text is way too dark on my text editors to be of any use to me.

Not meaning to come off like a jerk, but I don't want you thinking it's perfect when it has such a glaring error in it.

h - Mar 28 2008