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Felipe Vogel , United States of America
Ok thanks, I got it set up the right way now. - May 25 2009
BSM Suite

GTK2 Themes by brunomarquesbr 41 comments

After having gone through many of the top-rated themes here on Gnome-Look, I like this one the best. And the fact that it comes in different colors makes it even more awesome. - May 25 2009
This is an amazing screenlet. But I have a few questions.
I too have the problem of the colors not sticking after a restart, except in the default theme. Can I make the colors permanent in the other themes, or is this a bug?
Also, I launched 4 impulse screenlets, but I want to remove one of them. Of course, I can quit one. But after I restart screenlets there are 4 again. Any way to permanently remove the 4th one?
Thanks for this screenlet! It's one of my favorites. - May 24 2009

Conky by pxjava 165 comments

I noticed the CPU thing as well. One thing that helped reduce it for me is to go to the SysMonitor Plus properties > options tab > appearance tab > uncheck "background transparency". Now it uses just a little more CPU than the regular SysMonitor, but it doesn't matter because this is way better. :D
Thanks for this awesome screenlet, pxjava! - May 24 2009

by pxjava

May 25 2009

Beryl/Emerald Themes
by PaKoX

May 25 2009

Full Icon Themes
by olibia

May 25 2009