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Ron Blind

GTK2 Themes 18 comments

Score 61.4%
Sep 13 2010
Thank you for the info.. It working :) - Sep 16 2010
I like this very much, well done.
But i have 1 question.

I am new to linux and installed the latest Ubuntu.
Have downloaded this file and extracted it, looked intoo the GTK folder but I dont know how to install this.

Can somebody give me a helping hand by sending me a message how to fix this please.

Anyhow.. I really love this theme

- Sep 13 2010
Fading Calendar

Plasma 4 Extensions
by cauch

Score 81.0%
3   Dec 01 2010
A Splatter of the Cosmos

Wallpaper Other
by jaem

Score 46.0%
3   Nov 30 2010
Into Flames (1920x1200)

Wallpaper Other
by janet

Score 58.6%
3   Nov 30 2010