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Adam Fibinger
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Karamba & Superkaramba by triacontahedron 11 comments

First of al, its like slackware: Simple, easy. I tried Rainlendar and thats far too complex for mark my shifts, this is much better and simpler.

I would like to ask some features, because i don't "speak" python:

1: Ability to mark the current date with something: triangle / square etc.

2: I'd like to specify how much months should show in the 'box'. (12 is too much for me, 3-4 is more than enough) Maybe with startdate - enddate in config.

3: If I mark a date, and pick a color for it, it should remember at least the color next time when I click to mark something.

4: Highlight the weekends or make a Monday-Sunday line top of the month.

Btw keep up the good work, except the tons of dependencies its a handy and good stuff. - Jun 29 2008