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Dec 17 2018
Have you reinstalled ( You can try to override the variable SCALING=2 or 3 and reinstall as well. - May 04 2019
It already has some sort of system to get the screen size during the installation, although it is hard to make it work on every platform. You can try to install hwinfo and reinstall. Also try to change the screen resolution for grub in /etc/default/grub using the variable GRUB_GFXMODE. - May 04 2019
good catch, thanks - Apr 17 2019
I have reproduced the error on a virtual machine. However, it appears that the same error happens will all other themes I have tested. For some reason, the manjaro icon is not detected (this might be related to debian/ubuntu grub configuration). In the meantime, you may change the icon name to gnu-linux.png as it is the default fallback, - Jan 28 2019
Have you installed again and run sudo update-grub ? - Jan 27 2019
Done ;) - Jan 27 2019