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DockbarX sunny theme

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Jan 25 2010
Like I said It happened randomly with every window although not frequently. I noticed it more often with the chat window of emesene, the refresh button do nothing, the only way to recover it is changing the theme (i tried tonkybar).
BTW I'm using Jaunty.
Thanks! - Feb 03 2010
I love the theme but unfortunately i'm having problems, some windows when open do not appear in the dockbarx, although this seems to be very erratic.
It's just me or someone else notice this?
BTW when changing to other theme the icons of the 'not visible' windows appear.
Thanks - Feb 01 2010
White Humanity

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Mar 28 2019
Awesome set, thank you! - Nov 25 2009
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Jan 08 2010
White Humanity

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by Magog64

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Nov 30 2009