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Metacity Themes 16 comments

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Oct 10 2006
I don't remember where I got the wallpaper from.

GTK theme is Clearlooks Cairo, you can get it following this tutorial (italian only) - Oct 18 2006
I don't remember where I got the wallpaper from.

GTK theme is Clearlooks Cairo, you can get it following this tutorial (italian only) - Oct 18 2006
I guess you didn't even read the description... it IS unique: it doesn't draw any ugly windows outline.

there's no other theme doing this AFAIK - Oct 09 2006
thank you!

i run it on ubuntu too. hoary is my main OS but i have a test partition with breezy on it :)

man breezy looks so promising - Sep 14 2005

i have no real problem using xcompmgr every day, just some minor annoyaces.

i have an nvidia too, if your card doesn't suffer from the "big nvidia freeze bug" (...) then it's just a matter of, like i said, minor annoyances.

let's hope they sort it out at the Xorg level :) - Sep 14 2005
hey thank you! - Sep 07 2005
the real one

Wallpaper Other 19 comments

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May 25 2006
you can read the description to understand what's written on the flyer.

anyway here it goes:

"you lost [the elections] despite your television channels, money, lies. Now tell us who's THE REAL ***"

as for the old OT@kde-look thing... this is just freedom of expression. vote it down, that's what you can do. personally i'm using this as my wallpaper right now - May 25 2006

voted + - May 25 2006

Dolphin Service Menus 5 comments

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Mar 10 2006
italian translation for edit is "modifica", and not "edita"!

"edita" sounds very windozesque infact :) - Mar 10 2006
Linux MultiMedia Studio

Audio Apps 114 comments

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Nov 21 2007
agreed, i don't like the app's color scheme, at least it could be themeable like amarok, which allows the users to choose wether they want kde colors or amarok colors - Feb 02 2006
He likes KDE

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 15 comments

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Jan 30 2006
funny but gay :D - Jan 29 2006
sunbeam and moonshine

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 29 comments

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Feb 13 2006
very interesting, how does this relate to kdesktop's "mac style" menubar?

does it duplicate that functionality? - Jan 16 2006
xp kdm-theme

KDM3 Themes 31 comments

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Mar 23 2006
a part from this being pretty useless and ugly, but...


WTF? - Jan 14 2006
goLinuxSMS - goWinSMS

Utilities 27 comments

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Jun 01 2011
awful old school gui :-) - Jan 14 2006

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 24 comments

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Jun 22 2006
infact i said "call it /usr/local/portage...." :-) - Jan 12 2006
call it /usr/local/portage/x11-themes/Blended/Blended-0.1.ebuild here it is:

- Dec 17 2005
gaim - crystal smile - emoticons

Icon Sub-Sets 7 comments

by leiv
Score 50.0%
Nov 23 2006
could you tell us which window decoration is that? thank you - Dec 23 2005
Flash Editor

Graphic Apps 68 comments

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Jun 07 2006
thank you - Dec 04 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 40 comments

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Dec 19 2006
klik is great.

It's working even on my gentoo, i've run realplayer, lphoto and a bunch of other apps by simply clicking on a link!

I'm recommending it to everybody and really hope all the ideas to improve it come true... a .app appfile that integrates with my desktop would be just too cool

Seriously, there's no single reason i can find not to love this project :-) - Dec 04 2005
yeah, klik is wonderful. i had a similar experience

don't feed the troll :> - Oct 12 2005

KDE 3.5 Themes 395 comments

by mart
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Feb 17 2009
this is a nice theme, but what i'd like to see is better spacing in menus and uncoloured scrollbars!

all plastik-like themes share the same tiny/shy plastik vertical spacing for menu items...

i'd like something more "breathing", just adding 5 more pixels vertically could be a start...

"make it big!"

PS: this is my new default right now, but for a reference you can have a look at the QtCurve style, you find it in this site :) - Nov 30 2005
copy/paste it to afile called polyester-0.6.ebuild and use it as usual ;-)

- Nov 30 2005

Icon Sub-Sets 56 comments

by bmzf
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Mar 30 2007
the grey x-directory-* icons are better, i can't understand why they choose to go with that plastic blue.

maybe an attempt to attract kde users/artists? bad mistake

thanks for sharing :) - Nov 30 2005

KDE 3.5 Themes 58 comments

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Apr 25 2006
cool, here's my gentoo ebuild, just copy-paste it into a file called klearlook-0.9.ebuild if you want to attach it as an alternate download:

I'm still using QtCurve though, it's still closer to Clearlooks that this :)

I'll try to modify relevant bits and report back to you, if you're interested - Nov 24 2005
Simple Ubuntu GDM

GDM Themes 5 comments

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Oct 30 2005
i'm using the blue one and it looks very clean

thank you - Nov 01 2005
The Dapper Drake MOon

Wallpaper Other 5 comments

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Nov 02 2005
cool artwork, if a bit incoherent, i love the duck but the mask is out of place

boring description - Nov 01 2005

Icon Sub-Sets 96 comments

by saki
Score 35.7%
Dec 13 2005
why imitate vista? - Oct 21 2005
Very Silent feature in KDE 3.5

KDE Plasma Screenshots 18 comments

by zammi
Score 50.0%
Sep 26 2005
sorry... better formatting:

this config does nothing in my kde3.5beta1 - Sep 27 2005
I also noticed the "only apply to window border" option. Very nice but still a little buggy. I can't get to properly work the name in the Kmenu applet instead... file should be .kde/share/config/kickerrc The only similar section to that described in the post is: [menus], and i added these lines: [menus] ShowText=true Text=Menu Sadly, it doesn't work, anybody a clue? - Sep 27 2005
Window Decoration Generator (decgen)

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 77 comments

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Jan 08 2006
What's the kwin theme in the third screenshot? It's awesome! I thought that by downloading the package i was actually getting *that*. Is it some sort of example created with dec-gen? If not, could you provide us with a download link? Many thanks :) - Sep 26 2005
Kubuntu Ultra Splash (Moodin)

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 33 comments

by jbus
Score 50.0%
Jan 30 2006
works perfectly at this resolution, only issue: i had to rename Background.jpg to Background.png. Kubuntu Breezy, KDE 3.5 Beta 1 (nice!) - Sep 23 2005

GTK2 Themes 73 comments

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Sep 19 2005
very nice idea... didn't realize how much this is cool until I installed it. I especially like the gtk theme although quite slow, I used it with my own metacity theme (Compocity).

The concept could use some minor refinements and when gtk/cairo is ready... be non-pixmaps/antialiased/opengl-accelerated! that would be cool :)

kudos, I'll vote "good" - Sep 17 2005

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Sep 15 2005
nice work,

except a little artifact in the top-left area, between the grey photo and the white background - Sep 15 2005
clearlooks wallpaper

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Sep 15 2005
the actual wallpaper is much nicer than the screenshot suggests, how about a scaled one?

request: a non-text version? :) - Sep 15 2005

Wallpapers Ubuntu 1 comment

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Sep 15 2005
nice work - Sep 15 2005
ubuntu banner

Various Gnome Stuff 1 comment

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Sep 04 2005
this is exactly what i'd like to see in ubuntu branding

it seems like canonical avoids the association Ubuntu Linux (except for the motto "linux for human beings")

the penguin as a mascotte has proven a winner, so nice work - Sep 06 2005

Cursors 31 comments

by nikaa
Score 74.3%
Mar 06 2006
so cool! - Aug 28 2005
Menu Enhancement (Idea only!)

Various Gnome Stuff 23 comments

by who
Score 50.0%
Jun 09 2005
sorry but it's just awful :)

fortunately i guess a design like that is very unlikely to be implemented - Jun 24 2005
Made on GNOME button

Various Gnome Stuff 4 comments

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May 24 2005
thanks :)

sure i can, i don't know how small shall it be t stay readable, the idea was to let anyone grab the .svg sources and create their own png w/ custom size

i'll make something smaller once i reboot ubuntu - May 24 2005

KDE 3 Color Schemes 2 comments

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May 06 2005
nice desktop!

now... can you tell us which windows decoration you use?

also, can you explain screenshot #2? what are those floating images?

sorry for sounding so n00b-ish, i haven't used kde for a long time... :/ - May 06 2005
Default configuration for web browsing

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 6 comments

by Phemt
Score 50.0%
Jan 17 2005
that's my current config too :) - Jan 17 2005

Audio Apps 6 comments

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Jan 16 2005
last time i checked this was a gtk/wxwindows app (don't remember if that's the correct name sorry) and not KDE.

nice app but maybe a little out of place here? :-) - Jan 16 2005

KDE Plasma Screenshots 5 comments

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Jan 14 2005
just a question... apart from xfwm4, is that a stock 3.3.2 kde? or did you add custom applets (task bar)?

i'm sticking to my andrunko-improved 3.3.1 kde on a debian sid... might consider upgrading as well :)

thanks - Jan 14 2005
nice desktop!

complimenti - Jan 14 2005
(mockup) configuration, control panel, e

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 9 comments

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Jan 05 2005
hahaha sorry i just read you reply coolian.

am i still on time to smash my kbd? :D - Jan 08 2005
NOTE: i agree with almost everything you posted.

my take:

* i'd avoid saying "i'm copying firefox/macosx/gnome/whatever because they are cool": not everybody likes baghira and similar aqua rip-off's (i don't). in fact KDE should avoid drawing too much inspiration from other OS's/DE's at all.

* this is not a site for bug reports (and i do agree those are bugs) - Jan 05 2005
Improving KDE

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 313 comments

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Nov 28 2004
andrunko, many thanks! you suggestion helped a lot.

for those of you using the kalyxo deb's:

once you apt-get install kde-improvement you have another step to follow:
just manually download && install those packages from :


they have a slightly minor version number than sid's official packages, so they are skipped by apt and not installed. once you grab them and install by a simple `dpkg -i *.deb` you can restart kde and enjoy the new
rubberband ;-)

felipe - Nov 28 2004
andrunko, i posted this early in response to melenas, here's a shot showing what happens on my box:

the problem also happens in konqueror's icon view window, but NOT in detailed, list or text view

any suggestion? enabling GUI Effects as suggested elsewhere didn't work.

felipe - Nov 27 2004
before i test it again enabling that "GUI Effects" option: what does this should disable? just the rubberband effect or other improv.'s as well?

and by the way: there's a very simple hack to avoid those nasty lines in plastik windows' statusbar, you can find it here:

i'll report it here the suggestion from daywalker636:
search for this in plastik.cpp:

case PE_StatusBarSection: {
renderContour(p, r, cg.background(), cg.background().dark(160), Draw_Left|Draw_Right|Draw_Top|Draw_Bottom);

comment out the 2 lines. This should remove the frames in the status bars.

is there a possibility to have it included in the improved deb's? or a way to grab kalixo plastik's modified sources to compile them myself? better yet: andrunko, any chance you'll include that into your improvements?

thanks everybody
felipe - Nov 27 2004
System Tray 2 (with icon hiding support)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 165 comments

by Dgege
Score 50.0%
Dec 20 2004
i don't like the new hiding button icon, but i dislike the old textual one as well.

here's my proposal for it, it's just a simple png anyone can do, and that's what i'm using right now:

i guess everybody agree on one thing: 16x16 icons for kicker almost always look ugly, i'm thinking of an all-black 16x16 iconset...

felipe - Nov 26 2004