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Francisco D. Lisbon, Portugal
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Kate Base64 support

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Dec 21 2014
Please note that on the latest Kate version the path to put the js file is now:

/usr/share/kde4/apps/katepart/script/commands - Dec 17 2014
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Mar 08 2011
Great App. This is exactly what I was looking for, to monitor my remote NAS server and ADSL router. Thanks! - Jan 18 2011

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Mar 28 2014

Great. Thank you.

As the great TV series, My name is Earl, we can't escape Karma :-) - Jan 11 2011
Hi, thanks for the reply.

You're right, a post-backup task can be associated to backup task that can shutdown the computer.

But I'm not sure if this is adequate as the backup might end and I'm still working at the computer...

A better idea is like Ktorrent implements, if leaving the computer, just press the Shutdown button, and the computer will shutdown after all downloads finished. - Nov 21 2010
Great program!

Just one question:

Could you equate the possibility of LuckyBack to have the possibility of shutting down the machine after the backup is finished?

It can be useful if you're doing large sync's/backups to remote sites with a slow connection... And in this case you can leave the desktop computer unattended... - Nov 08 2010
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Jan 29 2012
The PT translation is here: - May 21 2010
Kup Backup System

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by sideshow

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9   Nov 12 2015
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by conrausch

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