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Simone Lando

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Aug 02 2017
Is it possible to upload to gitorious? Or maybe sending some corrections by email? - Oct 27 2013
hello, I don't know how to open a bug with gitorious, so I try to warn you here: there have been changes in Nautilus so that some non default themes are affected by this problem:

that seems to be solved adding

[code]NautilusDesktopWindow GtkWidget {
background-color: @transparent;

in the gtk-widget.css file - sorry I'm not a developer and so I don't know if this is going to break something else. I'll try to send you an email too.

Bye - Oct 20 2013
If you read the "readme" file inside the archive, you'll find that is easy to change text color from white to black, ;-) - Jun 27 2012

Debian (testing) is getting GNOME 3.4. Are you planning an update? I ask this because there are some "oddities" (especially in the gnome-panel).

Thanks :) - May 10 2012
Radiance Blue

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Jun 25 2012
There's only one thing I would change: the tooltip color. I think that white on black makes tooltips very difficult to read especially on large monitors.
Can I propose black on #F5F5B5 ?
Thanks :) - Jun 22 2012
Clear Simple Old School

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Jun 17 2012
I think the blue color is too strong, otherwise the theme is beautiful. - May 28 2012
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May 28 2012
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Feb 02 2012
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