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Plasma 5 Applets 106 comments

Score 78.0%
Mar 23 2015
Works on Kubuntu 15.04 but you need also to install the qml-module-qtquick-xmllistmodel package - Apr 29 2015

Plasma 4 Extensions 22 comments

Score 80.0%
Jan 18 2012

Now this plasmoid is working thanks to the last update.

I was wondering if it would be possible to make the background totally transparent or using a .png file that would be either 100% transparent or 80 transparent so that the plasmoid would be fully integrated on the desktop.

I don't know python but I am sure it is just a matter of one sligh modification in the

Thank you for your answer - Mar 24 2010

This plasmoid is a great idea. hgiwever, I wasn't able to install it. I use KUbuntu 9.10. Trying to install through the right click on desktop, add plasmoid and download new plasmoid failed "Initialization script failed". Trying to plasmapkg -i just prints out installation failed.

Too bad because I would really wanted to see what it looks like.

Hope next version will work on Ubuntu.

Cheers - Nov 08 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 12 comments

by arxus
Score 50.0%
Aug 15 2008

This plasmoid is great. However, everytime I restart X, it goes back to its original size 400x200. I modified by myself kembru.rc but it doesn't do anything. Do I need to extract the skz and scale everything myself?

I am using Kubuntu 8.10. - Feb 16 2009
QuickLauncher Applet

Plasma 4 Extensions 130 comments

Score 53.3%
Nov 15 2008
OK, I used the .deb for Kubuntu (I use 8.10) and now it works perfectly and remember the apps.

Great plasmoid!

- Jan 23 2009
I like this plasmoid a lot except that everytime I restart my computer it forgets the apps I put in.
Could you tell me where is the config file so I can check if it saves it correctly... - Jan 05 2009
Thunderbird Service Menu

Dolphin Service Menus 30 comments

Score 50.0%
Apr 09 2010
I have Kubuntu 8.10 with KDE4. I modified this to have this service menu under KDE4 like this :
[Desktop Entry]

[Desktop Action attachToEmail]
Exec=thunderbird -remote "xfeDoCommand(composeMessage,attachment='file://%f')"
Name=Attach to Thunderbird Mail
Name[fr]=Envoyer avec Thunderbird

and place it in the /usr/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus/ folder. I have the service menu in dolphin but it doesn't attach the file. I have the same problem if I replace the Exec line with Exec=thunderbird -compose `echo attachment=\'file://%F\' | sed 's/ \//,file:\/\/\//g'` or with the solution with the quotes also. Anyone has an idea why it doesn't xork? - Jan 15 2009

Karamba & Superkaramba 5 comments

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Jan 20 2008

I really love this superkaramba. I was wondering if anyone could modify the partition script to display more partition. I think it is limited to 5 currently. Maybe 7 or 8 would be great.

Thanks - Oct 04 2008
Thank you. This is an excellent script. Still could you also include a dual-core modification please? - Feb 18 2008
KDM Vista like Theme

KDM3 Themes 30 comments

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Apr 12 2007
It seems my provider had the page down for a little while. It is now working and should redirect you to the page where all my Linux ressources are available. - Sep 25 2008
Could you be more precise on what looks bad. Maybe I could do something... - Apr 12 2007
The button are slightly modified from a Vista screenshot. Consequently, I don't know what would be the "copyright" on it. But if it is only depending on me, feel free to use them. - Apr 10 2007
I will fix that when I will be able to work on my other PC which have a 1280 x 1024 screen resolution. I will make one theme for widescreen and one for "normal" screen. It should be done next week. - Apr 06 2007
I will fix that when I will be able to work on my other PC which have a 1280 x 1024 screen resolution. I will make one theme for widescreen and one for "normal" screen. It should be done next week. - Apr 06 2007
This is not a splash screen but a KDM theme. KDM configuration is located in KCotrol, System administration and KDM Theme manager. If you don't see this fiels you have to install KDM Theme manager.

- Apr 05 2007
To Gravity : it is because there were other Vista-like themes that I decided to make this one. Some things in Vista have nice look.

To RahulBatra : I will try to fix it as soon as possible. I think I should modify the way the fields are positionned not using position in pixels but in percentage of the screen, maybe... - Apr 04 2007

KDM3 Themes 2 comments

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Jan 27 2008
I don't think this work is copyrighted because it comes from here :

The person from Fedora packaged it afterwards but vasszoltan released it under GPL (which is included in the package of vasszoltan and mine).

Therefore I don't think there is any copyright infrigement - Jan 27 2008
Peace splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 3 comments

Score 50.0%
Sep 15 2007
Very nice - Oct 08 2007