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Liking this a lot now, but would suggest simplifying things to make it nice & slick:-

Change initial menu to offer only 3 things:

1) Align desktop icons to grid
2) Set grid (number of H/V icons on desktop)
3) Go to programmer's showcase version of 'Happy Desktop'

where 3) is your current version. I'm pretty new to Ubuntu, but admire the way you show off techniques for doing things, though it kind of pulls things in 2 different directions.

Lastly, looks 200% better with nice, shiny, glossy icon for 'Happy Desktop' rather than your current offering and with a name like 'Arrange Icons' looks lovely on my desktop - would like to post pic but I'm new to opendesktop & don't know if possible.

(my last post still stands, it's a problem that wants fixed)
- Mar 18 2018
I had trouble with icon positions not refreshing until system restart.
Tracked it down to "the move operation forces a desktop refresh" section does not work if not owner & unable to create the /var/tmp/Desktop directory (e.g. if not logged in as root).
Changing this directory to one I have r/w access to solves things. - Mar 17 2018