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Eric Eric
Rhythmbox [music notation]

Icon Sub-Sets by ericesque 2 comments

Please do! I love collaborating on design. - Dec 02 2008
Santay theme pack

GTK2 Themes by jecovier 26 comments

By far the most professional looking brown theme I've seen yet. It's not perfect, but I truly wish that the Ubuntu art team would use this as a jumping off point. Compared to 8.10's dark theme, this is leagues ahead!

Kudos! - Oct 30 2008
Iceweasel Icon set

Icon Sub-Sets by brillenfux 5 comments

nice set. I'll take the opportunity to take a small bit of credit for making the weasel white and giving him the blue spiky hair on his back and tail... sitting there for a couple hours tweaking the path for those spikes and getting the gradient to lay inside the path just right ended up being worth it! Props to the whole community on the final icon though. A lot of people put time and offered suggestions to get it to where it is today.

Do you know of any distros using this as the default icon? - May 04 2008
Murrina - MetalloProfondo

GTK2 Themes by Argirox 1 comment

First usable mac inspired theme I've come across. Nice work!

The few tweaks to fit my taste would include lightening the gray overall. It's not bad though. I might be able to get used to that. Also, the blue for menus is a bit saturated for me. I LOVE the blue that is used for selections in an inactive window. If that were the active window/menu selection color, I'd be all about it! Then just go even a bit less saturated for the inactive selection color.

Well done! I like that it's inspired without being a complete ripoff. - Feb 20 2008
MorningGlory Mod

GTK2 Themes by PingunZ 15 comments

Looked great, but the moment I applied the theme, my system load shot to 100%!!! - Feb 18 2008

GTK2 Themes by darkmatter 34 comments

What's the metacity in the screenshot? - Jan 19 2008

GTK2 Themes by uel 69 comments

Anyone find a good metacity theme to go with the theme? I know the emerald theme is based off Calla, but the metacity version of Calla doesn't cut it with this GTK. Looking for something with a dark brown/black window border that has a thin border around the whole window like the screenshots.

Thanks! - Nov 26 2007

GTK2 Themes by uel 69 comments

yes! That scroll bar color looks much nicer--much more unified :)

Is that a no-go on the solid arrows then? - Nov 25 2007

GTK2 Themes by uel 69 comments

TOTALLY on the right track! The theme is looking slick.

Personal preference would be that the scroll bar slider was a bit more gray or orange.

Also, I think the solid arrows at the top and bottom of the scroll bar (like human GTK) are a bit classier. In a dark brown or gray it would look real nice with the rest of the theme.

Keep up the superb work! - Nov 10 2007

Beryl/Emerald Themes by fibermarupok 11 comments

how do I get that pinstripe look behind file, edit, view etc.?? - Nov 16 2006
Glass 0.1

Compiz Themes by astoyanov 8 comments

The status icons are from Lauri Taimila's Ubuntu Orange theme. Lots of nice tweaks and stuff to get the UI tightened up just a bit more. check it out here: - Oct 01 2006

Wallpaper Other by TomBrokaw 1 comment

yeah. To add other variations simply click edit while viewing your contribution. It allows a number of files to be added. Edit would be located directly to the right of the download link--second item from the bottom.

hope this helps. - Sep 28 2006
We Need It

Wallpaper Other by joetommany 4 comments

dude, that's so emo - Sep 28 2006
Old school

Wallpaper Other by grutensaie 3 comments

Did you take the pic of the typewriter? It's a great shot. It's amazing how any object can make a great photo if you find the right perspective - Sep 28 2006

Wallpaper Other by Ciberneo 2 comments

I think I'd like it better without-- or at least fewer-- lens flares. I think you're kinda going for a star look, but there are other effects that aren't quite as cliche. But that's just my opinion--doesn't make it right.

Otherwise you did a real nice job. It can be very hard to get contrast levels right when the image is so dark. I like how the tree is just outlined a bit by the moon's light. - Sep 28 2006
Suede Wave

Wallpaper Other by ericesque 5 comments

feel free to comment. We artsy types love feedback. I'll take requests for additions such as gnome or distro logos too. - Sep 28 2006