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Justin Newman Goldsboro/Jacksonville NC, United States of America
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Plasma 4 Extensions 106 comments

Score 74.4%
Sep 20 2012
Transparency doesn't seem to work in plasmacon. It would be very nice if it did. - Oct 05 2009
Banshee Lyrics Plugin

Audio Apps 33 comments

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Jun 04 2009
I'm running 64bit fedora, so have to compile. On Fedora 11 I get 'No package 'gconf-sharp-2.0' found'. The package isn't in yum and I'm pretty sure gconf-sharp-2.0 has been replaced with gtk-sharp2. Is there a way to fix the configure file to reflect this? I looked at it, but it was my first time and it didn't seem obvious. - May 10 2009
Jaunty Human Green

GDM Themes 7 comments

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Feb 26 2009
Fixed! I must have uploaded the wrong one on accident.

In the future you can find direct links at, if needed. - Feb 26 2009
No, I just did a quick black to transparent in GIMP, but using the SVG should work too.

There's a couple more color tweaks, too. - Feb 25 2009
Done :) - Feb 25 2009