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Jacob Hoopes
KDE 3.x Splash Screens
"Mandrake" Urban Visions Bootsplash 1024

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by epic
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Jul 07 2002
It's been a while since I've been here, and as I can see, some people are having a hard time with my Mandrake theme. The reason why: I don't use Mandrake. My native linux distro is SuSE. I received an interesting email today from TGCShooter (A Native Mandrake User) who eplained how to set this up in Mandrake. Here it is:
First, you must create your own theme this takes a little work from Gimp.

Make your Theme (root):
mkdir /usr/share/bootsplash/themes/UrbanVisions
mkdir /usr/share/bootsplash/themes/UrbanVisions/images
cp -R /usr/share/bootsplash/themes/Mandrake/lilo

Now you will have to edit the downloaded bootsplash image (2336-1.jpg) that you
got from Rename the image to bootsplash-1024x768.jpg. Now open
the image in Gimp. Create two new images with the scale and crop tools that are
1280x1024 and 800x600. Save these files as bootsplash-1280x1024.jpg and
bootsplash-800x600.jpg. Move these files into the file

run these scripts:

cd /etc/bootsplash/themes
mkdir ./UrbanVisions

copy all of the files from the Mandrake folder in
/etc/bootsplash/themes/Mandrake to /etc/bootsplash/themes/UrbanVisions

/usr/share/bootsplash/scripts/switch-themes UrbanVisions
/usr/share/bootsplash/scripts/make-boot-splash UrbanVisions

cd /boot
rm initrd-2.4.XX-XXmdk.img
mkinitrd /boot/initrd-2.4.XX-XXmdk.img 2.4.XX-XXmdk (where X is your kernel

re-run lilo and reboot - Feb 09 2003
Your wish is my command.....
Have fun,

e p i c - Jul 07 2002
"SuSE" Urban Visions Bootsplash 1024x768

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by epic
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Jul 07 2002
Use your Disks to boot the sytem back up. Once you do that make sure that the spelling of the renamed file is correct including the "-". Make sure you log in as root and run "mkinitrd" first. After the script runs, run "lilo" If that fails I don't know what to say because it works just fine for me and every system I've tried...also make sure lilo is not set to boot from 800x600 as it will not work with the instructions I have provided. Hope that helps... - Jul 10 2002
Hello all,

I'm trying to create a boot menu, and have done so successfully with the same "Urban Vision" boot splash except for one minor detail...The timeout bar on the left hand side of the screen is still that "Exorcist Split Green Pea" color. Does anyone know where I need to change it in my config file: "/usr/share/gfxboot/"myconfig.config"?"
I wanna change it to black, and when I figure out I'll post it :o) - Jul 06 2002
You need to set your text height and width as this in your "/usr/share/splash/bootsplash-1024x768.cfg"


Try that and let me know whats up. Works great with mine...
- Jul 06 2002
The Mandrake Boot Splash is now available for those who requested it. If anyone else would like one for their Distro, just respond and list the Distro so I can post it...

e p i c
- Jul 05 2002
I'll change the name if you'd like, but as far as configuration and the directory you need to copy it to, I'm not sure if it differs, so you're on your own from that point... - Jul 05 2002
"Debian" Urban Visions Bootsplash 1024..

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by epic
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Jul 07 2002
To all,

I couldn't fit the whole title in the text box, so just so everyone knows, this little lake ripple boot splash is a screamin' 1024x768........

Have fun,

e p i c - Jul 07 2002