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Yngve Levinsen Arendal, Norway
KTextEditor Snippets
Python Snippets

KTextEditor Snippets 1 comment

Score 58.0%
Jan 07 2011
Python is not the most obvious language to write snippets for (it is already quite compact!), so let me know if you have any suggestions for more snippets...! - Jun 05 2012

Plasma 4 Extensions 813 comments

Score 85.2%
Jan 17 2013
Sounds like an interesting widget, good work! - Jun 03 2009

System Software 1026 comments

by Sho
Score 86.7%
Mar 28 2018
Adding myself to the list of grateful people! I actually don't understand why kubuntu doesn't ship this as the default terminal, 10 times more practical!:) - May 14 2009

Dolphin Service Menus 5 comments

by toyg
Score 50.0%
May 25 2008
I would like to be able to put the bookmarks directly into the bookmarks folder instead of into the " bookmarks" folder if that is possible to add as an option.

And other than that I think it looks pretty great! - Jan 09 2009
Back In Time

System Software
by danleweb

Score 50.0%
Dec 05 2009

by fischer

Score 82.7%
Jul 21 2009

Developers Apps
by je4d

Score 50.0%
Jul 21 2009