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Conky 34 comments

by Whise
Score 50.0%
Feb 22 2008
when i run it while im offline either it doesnt start or it doesnt got to the position saved previously.

It would be perfect if you fix this problem.

Anyway very good - Oct 02 2007
Vista Impossible

Cliparts 34 comments

Score 58.0%
Feb 15 2007
Great! I'm gonna make a sticker of it to attach on my notebook! :P
Nice idea - Feb 23 2007
Human Blue

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 27 comments

by enef
Score 50.0%
Jun 13 2007
dude this is called clearlooks - Nov 13 2006
Ubuntu Girl

Wallpapers Ubuntu 6 comments

by rana
Score 50.0%
Sep 05 2006
yeah i suspect _HE_ really didnt make it! - Sep 05 2006

System Software 7 comments

Score 50.0%
Apr 27 2006
great, simple and easily customizable! - Aug 08 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 613 comments

Score 58.0%
Mar 05 2008
it's a nice idea but it takes too much to load even when you use the plain kmenu. - Aug 05 2006

Utilities 124 comments

Score 50.0%
Apr 02 2007
I can't see much difference from wordtrans/kwordtrans - Aug 03 2006

KDE 3.5 Themes 58 comments

Score 50.0%
Apr 25 2006
nice idea! could you make a clearlooks-cairo variant? - Jul 31 2006
nice porting! i really like it!
it just misses a clearlooks-like progressbar. could you implement it (moving and fixed)? - Apr 04 2006

Video Apps 12 comments

Score 50.0%
Mar 04 2006
The _BINARY_ codecs are the hacked versions of _BINARY_ libraries for Wi*dows... So they surely aren't GPL! - Mar 04 2006
Vistesque-Mod for Lipstik

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 120 comments

Score 46.0%
Jan 10 2006
cool hack! but how did you get the taskbar item font color to be white? - Jan 11 2006

Utilities 11 comments

Score 50.0%
Sep 24 2007
Nice idea but when I create a profile and configure it, "Games" and "Savegame directory" listboxes are still disabled, so i cant just run games from there. Have I forgotten to do anything? - Jan 03 2006

System Software 97 comments

by xis
Score 50.0%
Dec 21 2005
Great app! The only think it's really missing is a filter on messages... for example i've got the firewall on and it shows me Inbound IN=etc.. messages all the time. I wish it to not show those messages.. - Nov 07 2005
KMetabar - (Modified Metabar 0.7)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 171 comments

by zammi
Score 50.0%
Oct 05 2005
cool sidebar, the best imo!
but there's something weird in the order in which infos are displayed: is shows first "actions", "links", then "informations", and lastly the icon with the name of what's currently selected.
but in the screenshots and in the original metabar the icon is displayed first. What's wrong? - Oct 07 2005

System Software 101 comments

by shie
Score 77.7%
Apr 16 2009
Dunno why but the link doesnt work from here...
Just copy and paste that link on a new browser window and it should work. - Oct 07 2005
This program is unrunnable (crash) on FC4 (and as far as I know on MDK too as you can see at because it does a wrong string allocation.
Here is a solution, this works for me on FC4:

BTW it's a great app, so go on please! - Oct 07 2005

Amarok 1.x Scripts 126 comments

Score 50.0%
Feb 26 2008
nice plugin but I would change its name because another "transcode" already exists
  • . - Sep 16 2005

    Audioplayers 574 comments

    Score 77.0%
    Aug 01 2011
    Great app! But I found both stable and development versions too crashy while playing on shared soundcards (you can do this by configuring alsa). It stops or crashes randomly even while playing radio streams...
    Apart this it's a great app! It would be even greater if it could manage shoutcast directory listings... - Aug 09 2005
    RH/FC buttons for kbfx

    Icon Sub-Sets 4 comments

    by Enso
    Score 50.0%
    Jul 03 2005
    I'm using the dralgebra's Crystal Window Decoration ( )
    For shadows I've ported the Deciare's KWin Drop shadows patches ( ) to KDE 3.4.1
    Maybe I'll post them here soon - Jul 08 2005
    Fedora Core 4

    KDE 3.x Splash Screens 2 comments

    Score 50.0%
    Jun 29 2005
    I really like this a lot! This should be included in fc!
    but... have you noticed that every fc/rh related artwork gets a low rate? - Jul 03 2005

    Wallpaper Other 11 comments

    Score 50.0%
    Dec 27 2006
    nice wallpaper but the link is broken :( - Jul 01 2005
    KDM Theme Manager

    Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 237 comments

    Score 58.0%
    Dec 16 2007
    Great job! KDE was missing such a feature! I think your program should be included in next release!
    I've just a question to ask: do you know if there's any way to make KDM show userlists as GDM does? - Jun 16 2005
    Gear KDM Theme

    KDM3 Themes 17 comments

    Score 50.0%
    Aug 03 2005
    Nice job! I like this theme a lot.
    I've just a question to ask: do you know if there's a way to make kdm show userlists? - Jun 16 2005
    Alltray - Docks all apps into tray

    Utilities 11 comments

    Score 50.0%
    May 13 2005
    Have you ever tried ksystraycmd (kdebase)? - Jun 11 2005
    soft white

    Gnome 2 Splash Screens 10 comments

    Score 50.0%
    Jan 15 2005
    gTweakUI - May 27 2005
    Ubuntu Enterprise Linux

    GDM Themes 6 comments

    Score 50.0%
    Apr 17 2005
    This one also is identical to Fedora Core's GDM theme. - May 23 2005
    Debian Enterprise Linux

    GDM Themes 2 comments

    Score 50.0%
    May 06 2005
    Identical to Fedora Core's GDM theme - May 23 2005
    Crystal-GL Knifty

    KDE 3.x Window Decorations 7 comments

    by Enso
    Score 50.0%
    Dec 27 2004
    You're right, that screenshot just sucks... so I've uploaded a pair of decent ones - Dec 27 2004
    Thank you very much! :)
    Of course I can send you the pngs... I'm about to do it now! I would be happy if you include these buttons in your program! - Dec 27 2004

    System Software 16 comments

    Score 50.0%
    Apr 05 2005
    I get this error:
    libtool: compile: unable to infer tagged configuration
    libtool: compile: specify a tag with `--tag'
    error: command 'libtool' failed with exit status 1 - Dec 12 2004

    Network 805 comments

    Score 84.1%
    Aug 20 2015
    Great job dude!
    I really love your app! It is really the only thing I was missing in KDE! It should be included in standard packages!
    You could add just one feature to your app: it should report to the user a command in customized menu that has failed to run, and it should report the exiting code as well.
    Apart this I think KNemo is one of the best programs I've ever seen! - Nov 17 2004
    Aikido and Aikido-inverted

    Wallpaper Other 9 comments

    Score 50.0%
    Jun 15 2004
    Arigatou gozaimashita!
    Nice one! Good work! I love your wallpaper! I'm a Judo player but I had some lesson of Aikido too (being my master an Aikido master too) and I really like Aikido a lot! I'm working on a Judo wallpaper/splashscreen but we could make a general "Budo" theme too if you want! Greetings! - Jun 14 2004
    MahJongg 3D Solitaire

    Board 28 comments

    Score 58.0%
    Jun 26 2004
    No sorry, it doesn't work... - May 27 2004
    It can't load or view bitmaps (Fedora Core 2) - May 25 2004
    Fedora GDM Theme

    KDM3 Themes 7 comments

    by Enso
    Score 50.0%
    May 10 2004
    out of proportions? maybe you're referring to wallpaper size?
    I had to resize the wallpaper because you can't upload anything larger than 500kb on
    My video resolution is 1400x1050 here and it looks as it should. I think you should download the original wallpaper from
    and replace the one in the tarball... - May 10 2004
    the redhat logo is not original (i took it from krystalcurve icon set) and it is not part of the wallpaper.
    Sorry I hve no idea where you cn get the wallpaper without the penguin. I downloaded it from - May 10 2004
    the redhat logo is not original (i took it from krystalcurve icon set) and it is not part of the wallpaper.
    Sorry I hve no idea where you cn get the wallpaper without the penguin. I downloaded it from - May 10 2004
    of course it is! well if you have a debian logo tell me.
    The hat is not part of the wallpaper so you can change it - May 10 2004
    Active Heart

    KDE 3.5 Themes 105 comments

    Score 50.0%
    Apr 28 2004
    Hi! Your theme is the coolest theme for KDE I've ever seen so that I've put it as default on my comp but... it looks identical to your ThinKeramik, doesn't it? - Apr 23 2004
    just another dcgui icon

    Icon Sub-Sets 2 comments

    by Enso
    Score 50.0%
    Mar 15 2004
    Thank you very much! I didn't know you drew dcgui seahorse, you did a very good work and I like the hand-drawing even more! I'm going to post the icon to dcgui forum then! Even though I'm not an "artist", I wish to improve this icon as well and I think that your hand-drawing could be "iconized" in a 3D form... What do you think about that? - Apr 11 2004
    SuperKaramba addMenuTaskItem Patch

    Karamba & Superkaramba 3 comments

    Score 50.0%
    Oct 19 2003
    you have to get the SRPM (src.rpm) packages.
    You can modify the rpm by extracting the files (in SRPMs there are only source files, patches and a .spec script) with rpm2cpio and cpio.
    Then you have to add the patch in the .spec file and recreate the RPM with rpmbuild.

    rpm2cpio skaramba.src.rpm > skaramba.cpio
    cpio --extract < skaramba.cpio
    edit the .spec file:
    add %patch0: (if there already is a %patch0 you'll add a %patch1 instead, and so on) where listing the source files and add %patch0 in %prep section.
    then copy ALL the sources in the $RPM_BUILD_SOURCES dir (in RedHat it's /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES) and do:
    rpmbuild -bs if you want a SRPM (then you'll have to do a rpmbuild --rebuild to create a binary package) or
    rpmbuild -bb to directly create a binary package.
    In RedHat the RPMs are moved in /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/ and the SRPMs in /usr/src/redhat/SRPMS.
    Good luck! - Mar 23 2004
    got satan ?

    Wallpaper Other 13 comments

    by grep
    Score 50.0%
    Oct 08 2003
    You're just another shithead - Mar 15 2004
    Stalin Kommunist

    Wallpaper Other 45 comments

    Score 50.0%
    Jan 21 2004
    I cant really figure out how someone could feel offended by some work about christianism or about any other religion.
    Dude, believe me, you have some unsolved trouble in your mind.
    Even if you've written "no offense to christians", it clear it was your purpose so stop lying to people and to yourself.
    ...and Linux is connected to freedom, not to comunism! In this site there should be the freedom to post a work about any religion without being offended!
    If the center of communism is work, why are you wasting your time behaving childishly here? Go back working! - Mar 15 2004