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Edmund Urbani
Tenerife From La Gomera II [2560x1600]

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I have not actually spent much time on Tenerife, only a few hours on my way through TFS and Los Cristianos, so I can't really say much about the island, other than that I don't think it's that small. Isn't it actually the largest of the Canaries? Of course it always depends on which island(s) you use as reference for comparison.

There are a few photos from Los Cristianos in my collection too. If any of them seem worth adding here, I will do so. - Aug 13 2009
Tenerife From La Gomera II [2560x1600]

Wallpaper Other by emu42 4 comments

Indeed one of the most beautiful sites on Earth. And I don't mean just the specific location where I took this picture, but La Gomera as a whole.

That's why I will probably be adding some more pictures I took there. I'm just not sure yet how to best provide wallpapers in all the different resolutions yet, without flooding the wallpaper section here. - Aug 12 2009
Deeper Blue

Wallpaper Other by emu42 2 comments

Whoops. I am new to and I did not know I had to make those thumbnails myself. I was starting to wonder how long it would take this site to render them though ;)

There is a thumbnail for this wallpaper now and I will be adding them to my other ones right away. - Aug 11 2009