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emre bahis

I was install my laptop linuxmint-14-kde-dvd-32bit-rc.iso then compile MihPhoto.

Now, I am too busy about my job. I will turn back to my country at 30 of January.

When I will be back then test again and inform you.

Thanks in advance. - Dec 19 2012
I am testing on Mint 14 KDE RC.

I could see the thumbnails but when I click the thumbnails then I saw error message on bash.

It says "

~/Desktop/hs/MihPhoto/bin $ ./MihPhoto
Cannot load config file
Open File hello.jpg
Open Dir /home/laptop/Pictures
Segmentation fault


What can I do? - Dec 06 2012
Sorry for delay.

I tested on Kubuntu 12.04.1 and 12.10 .

Software was opened on 12.04.1 but As you said that QT is not working multitouch still. I could not try your suggestion but the bug is status is "New".

I have a problem on 12.10 . I installed MihPhoto and it works. I saw thumbnail but when I touched or clicked the thumbnail then the picture did not open and I saw on bash "Core dump". - Dec 06 2012
Thank you for interest.

I am on holiday.

I will try it on 12.04 or 12.10 as soon as I can then inform again.


- Sep 13 2012
First of all, Thank you for the best software. Becuse, it is really touch-friendly image viewer and I think, it is unique.

I have some questions:

1) I can not work on multitouch with -m parameter. What can I do?

2) When I touch the screen for rotate or zoom with two finger I got following message on bash: "Got touch without getting TouchBegin for id ..." What can I do about this message?

3) How can I change tap sensitive? That means, When I want to 1:1 zoom, I must two tap on screen. But mostly, it perceived one tap and open top menu.

4) How can I change finger position. For example,
one tap will be 1:1 zoom and fit to page, two tap will be open top menu.

Thanks in advance. - Aug 10 2012
Sep 13 2012