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Brice Maron , Belgium
MPD plasma client

Plasma 4 Extensions by grozotkh 40 comments

Thanks a lot, very usefull
I just miss the volume button... - Mar 15 2010
Piece of Web

Plasma 4 Extensions by cedriK 31 comments

Yeah it's reaaaalllllyy Cooool ...
I had this idea but ..don't know how to do this... i haven't thought to use jquery.... really nice...

But the view is quite instable... it refresh all the time and become gray...

Are you using a source repo where we can see/submit our code idea/contributions /...? - Nov 18 2009
GX Mail Notify

Plasma 4 Extensions by Goffix 124 comments

Thanks for your work!
i use it everyday \o/

Is it possible to add a check (optionnal?) in every directory? ...
Because when you have filters, new mail are sometimes not in the inbox...
Anyway thanks :) - Oct 09 2009

Amarok 1.x Scripts by eMerzh 9 comments

I's on my todo list :)

but i haven't found a way to do this yet... i'm working on it ;)

may be in future versions....

the V0.2.0 include description of the event (when you click on it)... - Sep 13 2007

Amarok 1.x Scripts by eMerzh 9 comments

Ok, i've catch more errors.... try it now...

i can't told you why you had this error...

thanks for the report ;)
- Sep 12 2007
Purogrey by LMolr

Plasma Color Schemes
by LMolr

9   Aug 24 2011
MOC Plasma Client

Plasma 4 Extensions
by mitiao

9   Apr 11 2011