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Andrei MăceÅŸ South Bend, United States of America

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Oct 01 2017

When configured with --with-mp4v2, the compile process stops at src/metadata/mp4, which doesn't have any source files, just a Makefile skeleton.

Andrei - Sep 03 2007
I works for me with separator=".", as before. I took a look through the other XML plugin files and I noticed different variations of output (e.g.: output=" %*s (%p%%)"). I'm assuming it controls the formating of a particular command line string but cannot make sense of the pattern. Do you have a reference for what it means? Thanks! - Jan 14 2007
I've just compiled the 0.3 version and the OGG configuration file seems broken again. No matter the quality specified, it runs oggenc with -q 3. I've noticed that the separator field in 110.oggvorbis.soundkonverter.xml has been made empty and the comma changed to a period in the output field. I think it needs to be changed to separator="." and the output reverted to what it was before (output=" [ %p,%*s%%]"). - Jan 13 2007
Thanks Daniel! That was prompt :-) As you said, the typo was harmless because it was consistent, but the comma made oggenc exit on my system. The weird part is that when I launch oggenc -q 5,5 manually it keeps going and behaves as oggenc -q 5. When I changed to a period in the XML file, everything worked properly, and ps -ef showed oggenc running with fractional quality. - Jan 09 2007

I'm using soundKonverter 0.3rc1 and I have noticed some errors/typos in the XML configuration files. Instead of period there's a comma in plugins/110.oggvorbis.soundkonverter.xml at line 13 ("seperator" field). This makes the OGG/Vorbis plug-in unusable. Also, all the XML plug-in files have "separator" misstyped as "seperator". Otherwise, it's a very useful application and thanks for making it available! - Jan 08 2007

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Aug 20 2015
I'm using the latest KNemo on 2.6.20, but I had the problem with all 0.4.x versions, running a variety of kernels. Since I tend to use VPN fairly often, this CPU issue is very frustrating and I looked for a solution but no one seems to mention tun interfaces with vpnc. Maybe the sys backend is parsing for some strings/properties that are not present/typical in virtual interfaces such as tun. I think PPTP VPN, which generates ppp interfaces, didn't have this bug. Otherwise, thank you very much for your work; it's a great piece of software! - Apr 02 2007

KNemo (sys backend) makes KDED use >90% CPU when a VPN interface becomes active. Specifically, I'm using vpnc/tun and have to unload the knemod module from KDED as long as I use the VPN connection. It doesn't seem to make any difference if the interface is already active or becomes active while running KNemo. - Apr 01 2007

deKorator Themes 14 comments

by motyR
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Feb 21 2006
Great win deco! I'm trying to figure out, which widget style are you using? Is looks like Vistesque but better :-) - Feb 28 2006