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alsheeba mutaqi Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Prayer Times Plasmoid

Various KDE Stuff by hesham 9 comments

jazak Allah khair brother for this great app , inshallah you will finalize it soon - Jan 12 2008
Ubuntu "Back to Nature" Wallpaper

Wallpapers Ubuntu by UsefuLidiot0 4 comments

i know he meant to show off hes system looks
then we ask him how did you do that with the kicker etc..

btw i love it but i hope you can make it blury and has a TUX background that would be great. - Jan 12 2008
sugestions for 'Vista Start Menu ..."

Various Gnome Stuff by slawomir 29 comments


and with more help we can make it GREAT
lets UNITE & HELP - Jan 10 2008
Join the Revolution

Wallpaper Other by stanko 11 comments

im hopeing of a strong disgrace for microsoft

but this is great art - Jan 10 2008
Gimmie vs Vista menu

Various Gnome Stuff by slawomir 14 comments

basically i like the normal ubuntu default what have given to me

but if you want my opinion vista looks good

but i hope gimmie can do somehting new something rounded looks great and more flexible then vista then linux will rock

linux rock because it implemented vista and btw it runs linux :) - Jan 10 2008
Cross Among Trees

Nature by nayk92 3 comments

why put factors in life like religions ?
didnt you even notice if their is a religion it will be only 1 thing
and by the way i dont think it will be called religion but it will be called something strong something that must be in our heart .

and if their is a religion it will be something with authentic pure with no mistakes no contradictions and by nature you can see the truth.

i can say that yourself your head is maybe something you dont want to know , if you go deep by understanding what a soul is and how it comes y ou will seek for the truth rather then be blind and follow your parents footsteps blindly , born in a blind religion wihtout knowing it but penetrated your head to an equation that your in the right path.

hope you see the truth soon .
see preists and preachers reverting to the true path :) my sayins maybe in low quality but in that site its better talked to
im sorry if i hurt anyone but i am minding my bussiness by posting this post hope you understand. - Jan 10 2008