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ellisist froh , Germany

KDE 4 Splashscreens 1 comment

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Dec 26 2013
I do take care for some people converted from W$ to KDE4. They love that splash - since it was pre-installed by me. Replacing the boring origin.

I have no idea, if it would be possible to do a rewrite to Plasma-5. Hopefully someone picks that idea up.

All the best wishes to you & thanks again. - Apr 22 2016

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Aug 20 2015

If you have decided that you give up this package and it will be become orphanend, there is still the possibility to WNPP in Debian:

This way all the previous work being done doesn't get lost.

best regards - Mar 26 2016

this little programm was one of the best discoveries years + years ago. I'actually missing it a lot on Kubuntu Wily (Plasma 5.4.3/Qt 5.4.2). And I'm not the onlyone. Xenial LTS 16.04 will presumeably a KF5 version only. So today some of us discovered that is treated as forlorn in Debian (testing/unstable - removed):

Who is progress? What will the new name be? KNemo-KF5 ?
Do you need any help?

Best regards & wishes to you - Nov 19 2015
Seven Black

Plasma Themes 12 comments

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Mar 22 2018
KDE-Framework5 is just different to KDE-SC4 in terms of install directories. Possibly it's easier to just provide two separate packages. Makes it also easier for you to maintain. One day in not to far future KF-5 will drop support for KDE-SC-4 ;-) - Nov 20 2015
Congrats, very subtle theme. Really wonder how long you worked on this?

Upon download from here the compressed file lands in /temp/ Just moved it to /home/~/Downloads/
Unzipped it into

After that action it appeared in the Systemsettings -> Design (dont know the english term) - but thats obviously to find ;-) - Nov 19 2015