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Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Jan 20 2006
it's okay :) - Jan 23 2006
a link to the original clipart ( would have been nice - Jan 23 2006

Cliparts 5 comments

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Jan 07 2006
I could just set the "Depends on" Option. but for me that is rather a technical option. But I changed that option now. - Jan 08 2006
dork .... this is a portal. sharing the some content for all sites.

to give an example: AND are sharing the category cliparts

Every day I wake up, I'm newly amazed how dumb people can be.... - Jan 07 2006
Please comment why you don't like this :/ - Jan 07 2006

Wallpapers Gnome 6 comments

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Jan 06 2006
Damn, my roommate always bugs me with that :D

I'll do a can and upload it the next days. - Jan 07 2006
amarokNowPlaying (amaroK script)

Amarok 1.x Scripts 18 comments

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Jan 11 2006
yes, you can run it via commandline. The script is listening on stdin for input. Just take a look at the sourcecode or the amarok-wiki to see whicht commands amarok sends.

I'm pretty sure, that I'll have some holidays next week. There are several things that must be fixed and one guy ported the whole thing to use kdialog.

- Dec 28 2005
Yes, you'll need lftp. Didn't know that, when I programmed it, sorry - Nov 05 2005