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Aug 18 2019
HI,to change the accent color you must change the value of the selected_bg_color variable in the gtkrc file (located inside gtk-2.0 folder), but to have a global change you should change the color pink in each of the items in the assets.svg file and then render them again :)

- Jan 24 2018
That's fixed :) - Jan 21 2018
Hi, thanks for reporting, I'll fix it :) - Jan 20 2018
Hi, Could you provide a screenshot? please :)
- Jan 18 2018
The file is _common.scss and it is located in the gnome-shell folder. - Jan 04 2018
Thanks for reporting this, check the latest update i have darkened the text color just a little, because a completely dark color causes blackened emojis :) - Jan 03 2018
Hi, thanks for the feedback, you're right, I will optimize the assets for a better match with the dark theme :) - Dec 18 2017
Hi, thanks for reporting that, I'll fix it soon :) - Dec 18 2017
Thanks, I'll take a look as soon as I have time (I'm saving the semester right now) :) - Dec 10 2017
Hi, could you tell me if it only happens with the Ant themes, please :) - Dec 10 2017
HI, It's not a specific icon theme, is a combination made between Boston, Breeze and some custom folders :) - Nov 28 2017
Hi I appreciate your comments but I don't think that just changing the accent color is enough to release a new version, anyway, you can easily change the accent color as explained here -->

- Nov 26 2017
Cool i'm gonna check that - Nov 25 2017
Hey! What's up, I'm very glad you like it, thanks for the support :)

- Nov 25 2017
Thanks for confirming it :) - Nov 20 2017
You can check it in the summary of the last commit on github - Nov 20 2017
Could you check if it was fixed with the last update? please - Nov 20 2017
I see a thin border on the top, but it looks even with the gnome default theme

GNOME default theme (Gtk an shell)

Ant-Nebula theme (Gtk an shell)

Note: I'm also using fedora 27 - Nov 19 2017
Hi, I've tested it in GNOME 3.26.1 and 3.26.2 and I can't see the gradient
GNOME 3.26.1
GNOME 3.26.2 - Nov 18 2017
Are you still using the Dynamic Panel Transparency extension? - Nov 18 2017
That's fixed :) - Nov 18 2017
You are right, I will fix these issues soon :) - Nov 16 2017
Thanks! - Nov 16 2017
I finally understood the issue, now it's fixed, thank you very much for all the help :)
- Nov 11 2017
I'm sorry man, but it's working properly - Nov 10 2017
Hey this is ubuntu, those options are in the top bar and are displayed when you hover your mouse over the bar
- Nov 09 2017
I don't know what is happening here, as you can see, it is effectively Ant-Bloody but I can't see the issue - Nov 09 2017
I've tested it on ubuntu but I can't see the problem
As you can see the color of the text and the background are different, so if you could provide some screenshot would be great :). - Nov 08 2017
To recompile just type in your terminal:

$ sass gtk.scss gtk.css

note: you must have sass installed ( )

About the issue:

I installed the extension Dynamic Panel Transparency but I can't see the white border you mention as you can see

- Nov 07 2017
Hi, could you provide information about your OS? please. - Nov 07 2017
HI,solving your questions

1. I just added a version without mac-style buttons.

2. You must change the $headerbar_color and $header_bar_fg_color variables in the "_colors.scss" file (under Ant/gtk-3.20/) and then recompile the "gtk.scss" file to generate the corresponding css.

3. A screenshot would be great to better understand the issue - Nov 07 2017
Probablemente tienes activada la opción "Tema oscuro global" , si es así desactivala y reinicia las aplicaciones abiertas :) - Oct 31 2017
Fixed in the latest version :)
- Oct 28 2017
Thanks for reporting the issue with gnome-shell theme i'll fix that, and indeed I am thinking of adding more variants, maybe the blue accent on ant-bloody will be a great option :)
- Oct 23 2017
That issue was fixed in v 1.0.2
- Oct 23 2017
Yes, I'll start working on that soon :)
- Oct 22 2017
Thanks! - Oct 20 2017
I'm sorry, I forgot to ask you which gtk version you use?
for gtk 3.20+ do what I said in the previous answer and reload the theme.

for gtk < 3.20 you must change the selected_bg_color variable in the "gtk.css" file (under Ant/gtk-3.0/) and then reload the theme. - Oct 17 2017
Hi, first of all thanks :), and answering your question you must change the $selected_bg_color variable in the "_colors.scss" file (under Ant/gtk-3.20/) and then recompile the "gtk.scss" file to generate the corresponding css. - Oct 17 2017
Let me check how it looks, and maybe it will be a great addition :).
- Oct 15 2017
Don't worry, thank you for clarifying it :)
- Oct 15 2017
Just type in your terminal:

> sass gtk.scss gtk.css

note: you must have sass installed - Oct 11 2017
HI, as it is written in sass you must change the $selected_bg_color variable in the "_colors.scss" file (under Ant/gtk-3.20/) and then recompile the "gtk.scss" file to generate the corresponding css.
- Oct 09 2017
Hi, thanks for the feedback, I will add the shell theme soon.
- Oct 08 2017
Thanks! - Oct 08 2017
Hi, I'm actually working on it :) . - Oct 08 2017
Hi, thanks for the feedback, I have not tested it on cinnamon, but I will soon
- Oct 02 2017
Thanks!, you must be sure i will not change them - Sep 28 2017
Boston icon theme - Sep 28 2017
Sadly I can't answer that because I am currently using the default gnome shell theme, sorry
- Sep 27 2017

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