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Bob Majdak Jr Goshen, Indiana, United States of America
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GDM Themes by cppforlife 15 comments

i could go without a branding all together. i only use gdm not gnome and even if i did use gnome i don't need to have it on the login. nor do i use ubuntu. its a nice login screen though. - Aug 19 2008
/dev/hda1: Mount It

Wallpaper Other by elenothar 4 comments

i am glad you guys liked it. it is nice to have a break from the undersized ubuntu wallpapers eh. - Mar 05 2008
Rainy Soundscape

System Sounds by drowe859 22 comments

personally i enjoy the long login sound, since it happens in the background not like my system halts while it goes. ... i would like to hear login.wav extended into a full length tune :o - Apr 04 2007

System Sounds by nfsp 14 comments

very nice. any plans for expanding it? - Feb 26 2007