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Mats Marcus

Qt Widgets by zblair 6 comments


is it possible to plot more than one "data -stream" on one QSimpleTickerGraph? It would be very cool if you could plot an array of values or at least a 2nd value.

An other idea: is it possible to add a function to plot x-axis description and values? As an example the time when the value was recorded (fixed space, no real time measurement or something like that).

Thanks in advance for your response ;-) - Jul 25 2012

Qt Widgets by mmj 20 comments

oh what i forgot:

3) Colours indicating good and not good ranges, e.g. if the current increases to the maximum value. The colours could be placed as a background behind the scale numbers or not as a background but the fonts/colours of the lines and numbers.

Hope you like the ideas, looking forward to hear from you :-D - Jul 23 2012

Qt Widgets by mmj 20 comments


first i want to thank you for this nice widget! What i would like to have would be two features:

1) Vertical orientation: Could be the top value 100% and the bottom value 0%? (switched with a function)

2) Value presentation: Could the value shown also be written under the window? The idea is that you have a quick and neat view of the value and an exact value to be read as a text. You could also do this within the app where you use QScale but i think it would not look as nice as it is within QScale ;-) - Jul 23 2012