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Rating: 7.3
Oct 14 2018
Hi i like this version of orangini a lot - you did a great job with the csd windows congrats ! Two questions : first, in chromium the buttons (close, maximize, minimize) are huge... any idea why ? Second, the non-csd titlebars are the same color as the original orangini theme which looks a bit out of place imho, what do you think ? - May 08 2018

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Rating: 7.0
Nov 22 2018
wonderful ! thanks a lot :) - Mar 18 2018
yes exactly ! Oh thanks a lot !!!
- Mar 17 2018
Sorry maybe i'm not clear... here is a pic :
On the top image you don't see the buttons at all, on the bottom image you see the buttons. - Mar 17 2018
but materia theme works well with libreoffice... maybe that's because your theme is not updated for the latest versions of gtk ? I wisk i could help u with that coz i like your theme much better than other materia-based themes - Mar 17 2018
Hi there! Very elegant theme congrats !
I have one question re libreoffice : there is no visual clue on hover or click on the icons of the top bar... Is it the intended behaviour ? It feels a bit weird. Other apps are fine. I'm currently running LibreOffice 5.4 on Ubuntu 17.10. Thanks in advance ! - Mar 16 2018
Breeze Extra

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Rating: 7.5
Aug 19 2017
Exactly what i was looking for ! Thanks a lot, breeze looks much nicer on my gnome desktop now :) I noticed there is no symbolic suspend button, I made one if you are interested :) Also one question : are there any breeze icons for gimp ? - Jan 04 2018

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Rating: 6.8
Nov 27 2017
Thanks a lot ! I've been waiting a long time for this theme to be updated. It's awesome. On Gnome 3.24 it works well, except the the use of the dark theme for some apps (like terminal or photos) when the default theme is the light one. It does not seem to work well, even though the dark theme itself if selected in gnome tweak tool, does work well... Any idea why ? - Nov 06 2017

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Rating: 7.8
Mar 16 2019
i am not sure exactly how resolution works with hidpi... 256 px seems not necessary. Papirus has 64px and a 64@2x folder and it works. cheers - Aug 24 2017
great theme i really love it ! Alpha does not work very well for me cause i have a hidpi screen and icons look a bit blurry... Do you plan to have upto 256 px ? Anyway
Keep up the good work ! - Aug 24 2017

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Rating: 7.4
May 25 2019
hey man now that's real icon art !!! Seriously they're just too beautiful.
Actually it's even a pb i can't find any other pack to complement the icons missing from yours haha
Anyway awesome job - Mar 22 2017

Icon Themes
by Cybernix

Rating: 7.9
Jun 26 2018
ketsa icons

Icon Themes
by zayronXIO

Rating: 8.1
May 14 2018
Rating: 7.0
Mar 15 2018

Gnome Shell Themes
by unc926

Rating: 7.4
Mar 14 2018
Gimp Concept

Application Concepts
by trece13th

Rating: 7.3
8   Feb 04 2018

GTK3 Themes
by globalmenuwhen

Rating: 6.8
8   Nov 26 2017

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by jovial

Rating: 6.4
8   Nov 06 2017
Rating: 7.5
8   Sep 15 2017

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by fabianalexis

Rating: 7.8
8   Aug 24 2017
Rating: 7.1
8   Apr 13 2017

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by dchris

Rating: 7.4
8   Dec 16 2016